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  • 1. Twitter an d Tw eetDeckAn quick introduction to Twitterand one of its most populardesktop applications.Presented by @nndever

2. Sign UpIf you havent already created an account, click sign up below to start tweeting 3. Profile v. Home Page 4. B asic Term inology Follow: Subscribe to another usersupdates Updates appear in your home page @mention: Reference another person ina tweet @mention becomes a link to the users profile Does not get posted to the mentioned users profile (like on Facebook) RT: ReTweet Quote a tweet sent out by another user Hashtag: #example Links tweet to specified topic DM: Direct Message Sent to a users private inbox 5. ListsCategorize the users youfollow by adding them tolists. 6. Gett ing Started Click here to visit the TweetDeck website and install the desktop application Once the installation has finished, it will prompt you to sign up for a TweetDeckAccount. This is not necessary! Select Skip this step 7. Manage Columns Click the + to add columns that appear in the deck. Search, Groups/Lists, Facebook News Feed Core: track @mentions, DMs, and main Twitter feed To delete a column, hover over the title bar and click the X button 8. Notifications Click on the wrench icon at the top right to open the settings dashboard Select Advanced Options for Columns to configure notification settings for eachcolumn 9. Tweeting When composing a message, be sure to select (and de-select) the right account(s) in the From sectionCompose Message Here Hit enter or the speech bubble icon to post 10. Bas ic Features Hover over a users icon to display tweet actions Reply (@mention) ReTweet Direct Message Other Actions: Tweet: Mark tweet as a favorite, translate/untranslate, reference, reply all User: Add to list, follow/unfollow, view profile, block 11. ol ToolsCoUpload Photo TweetShrink Translate