UBC JumpStart Science Library workshop

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Text of UBC JumpStart Science Library workshop

  • 1. UBC JumpStart workshop By Eugene Barsky Science & Engineering Librarian Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, UBC eugene.barsky@ubc.ca Fall 2008

2. AgendaFor the next 45 min., we will learn about:Searching for booksSearching for journalsConnecting to full text articles from homeUnderstanding the subject guidesFinding your liaison librarianSeeing SciEng library websiteReviewing eBooksLocating the articles that UBC does not ownReviewing your library accountExcited? Yes, I bet! Lets start then 3. UBC Library siteWays to get to your library site:http://www.library.ubc.caGoogle ubc libraryRelatively new site we welcome your feedback!