Vendor Landscape Cloud File Sharing

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Deploy a robust solution that allows users to securely access their files anytime, anywhere.What matters more, the vendor score or the product score? As you weigh the importance, we will generate the vendor shortlist to match your needs.Your ChallengeFile collaboration among workers can be a challenge for many organizations. Cumbersome legacy enterprise content management solutions often dont cut it, and file collaboration by email presents a myriad of challenges, such as lack of versioning.Employees are demanding file sharing solutions that are as easy to use as consumer-oriented products like Dropbox.IT departments that dont provide robust solutions for file sharing will have their authority undermined by business-owned applications.Our AdviceCritical InsightThere are many best-of-breed business-oriented file sharing solutions that offer secure access to employee documents in the cloud. Forward-thinking enterprises are adopting and deploying these products for employee file collaboration.Cloud file sharing (CFS) solutions complement your broader collaboration portfolio, including social collaboration tools.Impact and ResultUnderstand whats new in the CFS market.Evaluate CFS vendors and products for your enterprise needs using Info-Techs Cloud File Sharing Vendor Landscape.Determine which products are most appropriate for your particular use case and scenario.</p>