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<p>What is the fastest car in the world - Most fastest car on the roadWhen it comes to car and its performance in general, nothing is quiet alluring and thrilling than speed. Since, everyone would like to drive car at high speed in road, mainly men so, if you are one of the car lovers to drive at high speed then, here is list of top fastest cars in the world and look on what makes them to be in list. Driving car at high speed can be dream also no one hate to drive so, here is list of cars that you can look on to know what is the fastest car in the world.</p> <p>List of top fastest cars in the world Koenigsegg Agera RWhat is the fastest car in the world? This question will end here with name of Koenigsegg Agera R. It can hit top speed of 273 mph and it can go 60 mph within matter of less-than 2.5 secs and reach 186 mph in 11.7 secs. It feature 5 litre turbocharged V8-DOHC engine with horsepower of 1140 and 1200 torque pound-feet. It breaks the world record and got the title as fastest car in the world. Hennessey VenomComing to list of fastest car, Hennessey Venom holds second position in list of top 10 fastest cars in the world. It gained high popularity within short span of time and it has max speed of 270 mph. It feature 7.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8-engine, hp of 1,244 and 1,155 torque, hence this car can go from 0 to 60 mph within 62 mph in 2.8 secs. It can go 200 mph within 14.51 secs and thus, it made to be in list of top 10 fastest cars. It has attractive exterior and interior design that you have to $1.2 million to get this car. Bugatti Veyron super sport Next in list of most fastest car in the world is none other than Bugatti Veyron Super sport car. It can go top speed of 268 mph and it can reach 0 to 60 mph within 2.4 secs. It feature w16 engine, 1200 horsepower and it is known to be powerful sport car and it is comfortable and lavishness to sit tin and breeze to drive, thus it is said to be supper car. Its price tag is $1.6 million and demand of this car is high in market. </p>