WSO2 Product Release Webinar: WSO2 App Manager 1.1

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  • WSO2 App Manager 1.1.0


    Thilini Shanika Software Engineer - WSO2 Jenananthan Yogendran Software Engineer - WSO2

  • Agenda Introduction to App Manager Component Overview Features - Web App Features & Mobile App Features Demo 1 (Create Webapp) Newly Added Features

    - Tenant stores/Public store - Publish to external tenant stores (Web App) - Subscription control for tenants (Web App) - Self signup for tenants

    Demo 2 (New Features)

  • WhatexactlyisAppManager? OnestopshopforApplica3ondistribu3on,lifecyclemanagementandaccesscontrol

  • ComponentsOverview

  • WebAppFeatures Central App Store An Application Gateway Single Sign On Lifecycle Management Visibility Control Throttling Resource Authorization - Role based or XACML

  • WebAppFeaturescont.. Subscription Management Statistics Collection Tagging Commenting and Rating Documentation for Apps Workflow Management Tenant Sharing

  • Mobile App Features Publish iOS, Android and Web apps Publish enterprise and public apps Manage app lifecycle Self Subscribe/install application from store Directly download mobile apps to mobile devices Enterprise Subscription Ability to configure with WSO2 device management

    solutions Support for third party device management solutions

  • Demo

  • Multitenancy In App Management Allows to create, publish and manage applications in an environment which supports, Tenant isolation Data isolation Execution isolation Performance isolation

  • Multitenancy In App Stores Public Store

    - Store of all the active tenant stores

  • Multitenancy In App Stores Cont... Tenant Store

    - Isolated view of each tenant store

  • Publishing to multiple tenant stores My Profile My Profile My Profile My Profile

    Publishing to own tenant store

    Publishing to external tenant stores

    My Profile

    My Profile

    My Profile

  • Configuration /_system/governance/appmgt/applicationdata/external-app-stores.xml





  • Multitenancy In App Subscription

    There are three subscription categories available

    Current tenant only Allow all tenants Specific Tenants

  • Self Sign-up for Tenants /_system/governance/apimgt/applicationdata/sign-up-config




    subscriber false

  • Demo