Zebra Technologies: Utilization of RFID for in-Plant Visibility and Optimization

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1. THE SMART CONNECTED ENTERPRISE Mark Wheeler Zebra Technologies RSTech ED Forum 6/2/2015 Leveraging RFID for Plant Visibility May 2015 2. Agenda Zebra Technologies Internet of Things Visibility Active RFID / RTLS Passive RFID Use Cases 3. 3 Channel partners in more than 100 countries Customers include more than 95 percent of all Fortune 500 companies Zebra Facts 122+ offices across 81 countries $4.56 billion market cap 4,200+ US & international patents issued and pending 7,000 employees worldwide 4. KEY TECHNOLOGY OFFERINGS 4 Cloud-based Device Management Data Capture RFID Wireless LAN Location and Motion Sensing Card Printing Mobile Computing Barcode Printing 5. 25% OF SURVEYED FIRMS IN 2014 ALREADY HAD A IoT SOLUTION IN PLACE COMPARED WITH ONLY %15 OF SURVEYED FIRMS IN 2012. >80% OF INDUSTRIES, COMPANIES AND TEAMS ARE READY TO MAKE CHANGES REQUIRED FOR IoT IMPLEMENTATION. THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS ARE CRITICAL - Forrester , Internet-Of-Things Solution Deployment Gains Momentum Among Firms Globally, 2015 6. IoT: THE INTERNET OF THINGS WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOUR BUSINESS? Smart interconnected devices that businesses use to get more visibility into the identification, location, and condition of products, assets, transactions, or people to drive more effective and timely business decisions or to improve customer interactions. 7. IoT: THE INTERNET OF THINGS WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOUR BUSINESS? 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 1 Completely disagree 2 3 Agree 4 5 Completely agree Don't know NA %Respondents Impact of IoT on Enterprise & Industry The adoption of Internet of Things solutions will be the most strategic technology initiative my organization will have taken on in a decade. The realization of Internet of Things solutions will be the most important technological initiative the business world has seen in a decade. 8. IoT: THE INTERNET OF THINGS WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOUR BUSINESS? 40% 45% 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% Tracked transactions Status of tracked personnel Autonomous identification Condition of monitored environment Data driven actionable insight Location of tracked personnel Condition of tracked objects Contents of tracked containers Location of tracked containers Location of tracked objects % Respondents Functionality IoT Expected to Deliver 9. IoT: THE INTERNET OF THINGS WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOUR BUSINESS? 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% %Respondents Most Important & Challenging IoT Enabling Technologies Very Important Very Significant Challenge 10. IoT: THE INTERNET OF THINGS HOW DOES THIS APPLY TO YOUR BUSINESS? IoT BENEFITS: REAL-TIME ACCESS TO THE CONDITION, LOCATION AND STATUS OF ASSETS & MATERIALS SUPPLY CHAIN OPTIMIZATION AND RESPONSIVENESS CUSTOMER SERVICE IoT CHALLENGES: MANAGING COMPLEXITY MAINTAINNG SECURITY ENABLING APPLICATIONS BY CONNECTING YOUR MOBILE ASSETS THROUGHOUT THE EXTENDED ENTERPRISE, YOU CAN OPERATE MORE EFFECTIVELY. 11. Zatar An IoT Platform 12. IoT: THE INTERNET OF THINGS ARE YOU TRANSFORMING YOUR OPERATION? RFID: RADIO-FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION. WHATS NEW? 13. RFID: PASSIVE INVENTORY TAGGING SUPPLY CHAIN VISIBILITY PICK / PACK SHIP VALIDATION RECEIPT PACK SHIP VERIFICATION RECEIPT INVENTORY MARKDOWN POS EXIT DOORS RETURNS SUPPLY CHAIN RFID 100% SCAN SERVICE BUREAU / IN PLANT PRINTING SYSTEMS 14. BUSINESS TAGS ASSETS AT AN ITEM LEVEL AT ALL FACILITIES 111GIGABYTES RESULTING DATA 31TERABYTES OVER OF TRACKING DATA EVERY DAY NUMBER OF TAGGED ITEMS REACHES OVER 10BILLION EVERY TAG READS SOMEWHERE ALONG THE SUPPLY CHAIN ONCE EVERY 5MINUTES PER TAG 12BYTES RFID: WHERE WE ARE TODAY 15. RFID IN ACTION TDM: A REAL WORLD EXAMPLE PROBLEM: TROY DESIGN MANUFACTURING (TDM) A SUBSIDIARY OF FORD MOTOR COMPANY, NEEDED TO AUTOMATE THEIR WORK IN PROGRESS (WIP) TO BETTER TRACK >150 VEHICLE CONVERSIONS. SOLUTION: ZEBRA FIXED READERS AND ANTENNAS WERE INTEGREATED WITH LOWRYS Work-In-Process (WIP) SOFTWARE TO PROVIDE DETAILED WORK INSTRUCTIONS, A BOM, AND A UNIQUE TRACKING ID FOR EACH VEHICLE. RFID AUTOMATED THE WORKFLOW PROCESS WHICH SHAVED 1.5 MINUTES OFF THE TIME SPENT BY EACH VEHICLE GOING THROUGH THE 10 STATIONS. RFID USE LEAD TO MORE ACCURATE DATA COLLECTION,REAL-TIME VISIBILITY, AND CONSISTENCY, SETTING A HIGHER STANDARD FOR FACILITY AND EFFIENECY POTENTIAL. 16. RTLS: REAL TIME LOCATING SOLUTIONS HOW DOES IT WORK? RTLS TRACKS PEOPLE, MATERIALS AND ASSETS IN REAL TIME BY UTILIZING ACTIVE ULTRA WIDEBAND (UWB) RFID TECHNOLOGY. THE CAPABILITIES IT PROVIDES ARE ENDLESS. 17. RTLS: REAL TIME LOCATION SOLUTIONS WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOUR BUSINESS? RTLS BENEFITS: OPTIMIZATION OF TASK ASSIGNMENT BASED ON LOCATION VALIDATION TASK IS COMPLETED REDUCED SEARCH TIME FOR STAGED MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT IMPROVED LIFT TRUCK OPTIMIZATION REALTIME REPORTING & ANALYSIS VISIBILITY AND CONTROL OF CONTAINERS & YARDS ACTIVE UWB SYSTEMS CAN PROVIDE HIGHLY ACCURATE REAL-TIME 4 WALLS LOCATION VISIBILITY. RTLS CHALLENGES: INTEGRATING CAPBILITIES INTO EXISTING EXECUTION AND PLANNING SYSTEMS NEW THINKING TO LEVERAGE RTLS TO REALIZE ROI 18. Ultra WidebandISO 24730 Passive RFID 1D or 2D Barcode ZEBRA VISIBILITY PLATFORM GPS Location and identification infrastructure Data aggregation & business rules engine Application and integration framework Zebra and 3rd party business applications Zebra Application Framework (Data and event processing, persistence, visualization, notifications, APIs, SDKs) Partner Apps Zebra Software Solutions Motion Works, Material Flow, Yard Management, Vehicle Tracking Asset Visibility integration (Supply Chain visibility, Asset location and status)Partner Integration SAP (Asset Manager) IBM Maximo (Asset Manager) Zebra Location Platform (data interfaces and connectors, sensor APIs to any devices) LOCATION IDENTIFICATION PLATFORM 19. RANGE & ACCURACY OF COMPARATIVE TECHNOLOGIESAccuracy 1 10,000 System Range (Feet) 10 100 1,000 GPS Passive RFID Active RFID DART - Ultra Wide Band Active RFID WHERENET RTLS ISO 24730 20. ASSET VISIBILITY Tagged Assets will appear as colored dots/squares on the map, you can see the details of the asset by double clicking on the dot.Tagged Assets will appear as colored dots/squares on the map, you can see the details of the asset by double clicking on the dot. 21. GATE AND YARD VISIBILITY/ACCOUNTABILITY Key Challenges Accurate Check-in/Check-out Throughput Resource Utilization Yard Inventories Part/Assembly Visibility Solution Enterprise Software WhereSoft Yard Visibility Suite (VSS) Technology Active RFID Passive RFID Barcode Solution Features Automatic Gate Check-in Automated Switching Rules Engine for Automated moves Real Time yard inventory Yard Activity reports for continuous improvement 22. CASE STUDY MAJOR OEM: INBOUND YARD BEFORE WhereSoft Yard AFTER WhereSoft Yard Manual Gate Check In Increased throughput at the gate Manual Switching Reduced trailers onsite Loss of visibility to stored inventory Real time visibility to trailers and contents Underutilized labor force Labor productivity up 20% Underutilized equipment Increase moves per switch truck Excess waste (movement) Elimination of manual yard checks Frequent line-stoppages Visibility to inventory after it enters yard 23. PLANT FLOOR Key Challenges Location of Key assets Throughput Resource Utilization In Process Inventory In process / Finished goods visibility Rack / Container visibility Manual process for Non conforming material prone to errors Solution Enterprise Software Material Flow Replenish Scrap Tracking and Management (STMS) Technology Active RFID Triggers Barcode Triggers Mobile devices Solution Features Automated Pull Systems Supplier Portal Part Traceability Real time work instruction and exception handling Electronic Scrap tags Automated inventory disposition Automated quality assurance process for Vendor rejects 24. CASE STUDY TIER SUPPLIER: FLOW REPLENISH BEFORE Material Flow Replenishment AFTER Material Flow Replenishment Manual replenishment process Wireless replenishment process Excess inventory Reduced inventory carrying costs by $750,000 Underutilized labor force Labor productivity up 20% Underutilized equipment Equipment utilization up 30% Excess waste (movement) One-third reduction in daily forklift trips Frequent line-stoppages Virtually eliminated line downtime due to parts Line side delivery shortages Lack of supply/demand visibility into internal and external supply Improved plant floor demand visibility 25. OFF-LINE AND CONTAINMENT Key Challenges Need for increased throughput in Off Line area as production rates increase. Improved visibility to rework areas / consistent handling to improve quality Increased velocity in ship yards and real time location of all vehicles Eliminate manual yard inventories Solution Enterprise Software Vehicle Tracking and Management (VTMS) Visibility Software (VSS) Technology Active RFID Passive RFID Barcode Mobile devices Solution Features Real time visibility to finished vehicles Rule based processing for Off Line area Quality containment Alerting 26. LANDROVER: VTMS BEFORE Vehicle tracking AFTER Vehicle Tracking No visibility to off line vehicles Real time location for all produced vehicles Excess inventory of in process vehicles Reduced WIP vehicles by 20% Manual process for yard inventory Automated process for re-work based on work rules Poor containment of re-work vehicles 100% containment of quality held vehicles No visibility to orders vehicles after of line Real time location of all orders High labor costs in Off Line Reduced 8 HCE 27. Summary The Internet of things is here, and will be transformational for supply chain execution and visibility Both active and passive RFID has an important role to play depending on the problem were trying to solve RTLS solutions provide Constan