7 ways to improve your airport experience

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  1. 1. 7 WAYS TO IMRDVE vnun AIRPORT EXPERIENCECHECK IN DNLINEMost major airlines allow online check-ins within 24 hours of your flight to cut downwaiting time.TRAVEL MIDWEEKbest fares generally fall on Tuesday and LUednesday,the two most unpopular days for travel.DRESS SMARTLYJackets,hats,iewelry,metal objects,and shoes all need to be removed during security check.Keep them at a minimum.KNOW WHAT YDU CAN BARRYFollow the 3-I-I rule:3 ounces,I bag,I person.Consult the latest TSA safeitems list for best results.USE EXPEDITED SCREENINGLow-risk frequent fliers can qualify for programs such as PreCheck that expedite security checks.ARRIVE EARLYArrive at the airport at least 60 minutes before domestic flights and two hours before internationsl flights.DDN'T STAND IN LINEUse your mobile browser,consult an app,or make a phone call insteadof standing in customer service lines.SEE MDRE TRAVEL INFDDRAPHIDS AT WWW. P|NTEREST. DDM/ TRAVELMATH