An Exciting Campervan Road Tour in Pearl Harbor of Australia – Darwin

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Text of An Exciting Campervan Road Tour in Pearl Harbor of Australia – Darwin

  1. 1. An Exciting Campervan Road Tour in Pearl Harbor of Australia Darwin If you want to enter Asia from Australia, Darwin will be your gateway. The city has been rebuilt after getting devastated during the Cyclone Tracy in 1974. However, it overlooks a wide harbour and gives fine reason to the visitors and residents of the city to enjoy the vista over a cold beverage at a restaurant or a local bar after the sun sets. Just rent a campervan to take a trip to the Darwin city and have a memorable experience of your journey. Explore Darwin Relaxing in your Campervan While being on your campervan in Darwin, you should definitely try exploring the Litchfield National Park and Kakadu Park in Darwin. You can also move towards the south for visiting Mataranka and Katherine Gorge. You will love to journey into Australias heartland from Darwin and visit the Alice Springs or go west to the Broome and Kimberleys. Cullen Bay The place is located just a small drive away in a campervan rental from the dynamic Wharf Precinct region of Darwin. It is the most peaceful place of the city and perfect to escape from the citys CBD and host of the cargo vessels.
  2. 2. The place holds many great opportunities for its visitors like taking a stroll around the scenic boardwalks, duck into the gorgeous tropical feast and sit back with their travel companions and chit-chat while enjoying a meal or a beverage at one of the restaurants, bars and cafes available there. Ferry hire service is also available to float from the Cullen Bay to Mandorah. All the adventurous travelers can book a scuba drive or take a fishing boat at Cullen Bay. The Tiwi Islands No need to go anywhere than the Tiwi Islands if you want to visit a beautiful island to get the most memorable time of your life in Australia. The island encompasses Melville and Bathurst is worth visiting. They have a fascinating mix of the history, culture and natural marvels including the rock pools, lush gree rainforests and scheduled waterfalls to make it a visit to this island paradise. Driving through the campervan rental in Darwin with checking all the famous destinations of the city will be the best option to have a wonderful tour to Australia. Kakadu National Park It is one of the heritage site of the world and is best known as an eternal place and a gem of Australias natural treasures. It comprises more than 1,600 species of the shrubs and plants, more than 10,000 species of the insects and a huge number of mammals, reptiles, fishes and frogs preserved in this national park.
  3. 3. This park depicts this regions cultural legacy due to comprising more than 5,000 aboriginal cultural sites, shelters, ochre paintings and remnants of stone tools. While arriving to this park, you will be going to love the excursions like hiking, fishing, camping, bushwalking, camping, watching wildlife and picnicking. You will also simply sightsee the rocky gorges, waterfalls and picturesque landscapes while driving through the campervan rental in Darwin. It will make the trip easier for you wander all across the Darwin. Arnhem Land Arnhem Land hosts some of the most untouched as well as remote wilderness places of the country. The name of the place is taken after a Dutch ship Arnhem. It is a must visited place in the top end of the country, especially for the travelers who want to enjoy the best time escaping the chaos. Abundance of wildlife, wetlands, beaches, huge sandstone escarpments are the major highlights of the place. So, book your campervan rental in Darwin online with simple and easy booking options. It will let you enjoy all the tourist attractions and sightseeing around the city in Australia.