Honeymoon Destination in Malaysia

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Top honeymoon destinations in Malaysia are Kuala Lumpur, Genting, Langakawi, PulauKapas, Port Dockson, and Cameron Highlands


  • 1. You could travel to any of these top honeymoon destinations in Malaysia

2. Kuala Lumpur Genting Cameron Highlands 3. Langakawi PulauRedang 4. Enjoy diving, white water rafting, and river safaris. 5. You could go mountain climbing or cave exploring. Malaysia has caves that date back to more than 60 million years. GuaKolam in Perlis, GuaTempurung and Kundu in Perak, Batu Caves in Selangor and Guaikan in Kuala Krai, Kelanta are worth a mention 6. A cultural Melting Pot Malaysia is where youll come across people of different cultures and faiths. The locals are so decent that they strictly observe certain basic etiquette. For example no public display of emotion, no pointing fingers at another person when in a conversation and no touching monks, especially if you are a lady! Explore George Town in Penang, Melaka, UNESCO Geopark, and GunungMulu