How to Plan a Mission Trip

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Change the Focus From Where to Go? to Lets Make Disciples

When thinking aboutmission trips, dont get caught in the short-sighted thinking of just planning a trip

As you ponder the trip being one aspect of discipleship, consider these things:

A ProgressionHow can your students plug into the existing community outreach of your church or help advance it?

A RhythmYou might consider a very local mission trip for your students in middle school, then a regional one for grades 9 and 10 and a longer distance trip for your older studentsYouth Unlimited has some SERVE locations that include cross-cultural learning

Your TeachingOurmission tripand service projects are like fence posts

If youre planning a trip and are planning to come to YOUTH UNLIMITEDSSERVE mission trips, keep in mind:


Youth Unlimited provides week-long mission experiences for middle and high school age students. We passionately strive to help youth leaders challenge youth to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and transform this world for learn more, visit: