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  • Lake Tanganyikaby: Julia RoweWorld Cultures MarrPeriod: B

  • Estimated to have formed over 10 million years ago Been inhabited for only 440 years Average pH is 8.6 - 9.2 Part of the Western Great Rift Valley Part of the Congo River BasinPrimary inflows include the Ruzizi River, the Malagarasi River, and the Kalambo RiverPrimary Outflows include the Lukuga River It is an international lake The 4th largest lake in the world in area The 3rd largest freshwater lake in volume The 2nd deepest lake in the world Is also spelled Lake TanganikaQuick FactsQuick Facts

  • LocationLake Tanganyika is located in central AfricaLake Tanganyika is owned by four different countries: DR Congo, Tanzania, Burundi, and ZambiaDemocratic Republic of Congo owns 45%Tanzania owns 41%Burundi owns 8%Zambia owns 6%

  • Dimensions Largest volume of the three lakes in the Great Rift ValleyHas a volume of 4,560 cubic miles or 19,000 cubic kmCompared to the Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lake that has a volume of 2,800Has almost as much fresh water as all of the Great Lakes combinedIt shore line is 1,180 mi or 1,900 km longThat is equivalent to driving to California and back43% of the shoreline is rocky21% is a mixture of rock & sand31% is sand10% is marshesIt is 420 mi long and on average 30 mi wide

  • Agricultural ProductsMaize (corn)TobaccoRiceSugarcaneCoffeeBeansGroundnuts (peanut like)CassavaCattleGoats

  • ClimateThe Wet SeasonFrom September to MayAverage water temperature: 40 degrees Fahrenheit High humidityThunderstorms are commonA substantial amount of rainThe temperature of the lake rises during the wet season from September to November

    The Dry SeasonFrom May to AugustAverage water temperature: 33 degrees FahernheitDry weatherStrong winds predominantly from the south or southeastLoses the heat gained in the wet season due to evaporation

    There are two main weather season: Wet & Dry

  • WildlifeThere are 2,156 known species in Lake Tanganyika759 known species of algae325 known species of fish, 200 are cichlidsThis includes the Goliath Tiger fish which can weigh over 70 lbs& the Giant Catfish which can weigh over 110 lbs219 known species of crustaceans~ 60 are snail~ 15 are shrimp~ 8 are crabs171 known species of birds81 known species of aquatic plantsLake Tanganyikas fishing industry supplies jobs for 45,00 people.

  • Ferry OverloadsFerry accidents are common in Lake TanganyikaThe primary reason of accidents is overloadingAnother, but less common, cause are drunk captains of the ferries

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