Legian Bali for Fun Loving Tourists

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  1. 1. Legian Bali For Fun Loving Tourists
  2. 2. Index About Legian, Bali Things to Do in Legian Kite Surfing Surfing and Windsurfing Wild Life and Safari Rafting Cycling Horse Riding Where to Stay in Legian References
  3. 3. Kite Surfing - Kite surfing, is also known as Kite Boarding - One of the most popular extreme sport of the new millennium - Speed of windsurfing, tricks of wakeboarding, the smooth carving on waves of surfers and incredible jumps make you literally fly. - Bali experienced its first Kite Surfing movement in 1999
  4. 4. Surfing and Windsurfing - Legians prime surfing period starts in April and ends in August. - The waves in the beach are ideal for surfing , with the area featuring more than two surf points - There are a large number of surf schools on the beach which rent out surf equipment and offer guidance to surfers of different levels
  5. 5. Wild Life and Safari - Capture wonderful sights of local wildlife while you experience adventure in Legian Bali - Make your best experience with Legian wildlife while they roam around freely - You can hop on board the safari tram and have your very own personal guide who will assist you
  6. 6. Rafting - Legian Bali offers you two spots for rafting in Ubud at Ayung River with a 11km of rafting trail. - For more action packed rafting experience, you may try Telaga Waja River in Karangasem with a 15km trail.
  7. 7. Cycling - Experience the scenic mountain views of Legian on purpose-built mountain bikes and with standard safety gear - Cycling routes will let you witness rural Balinese village life such as local farmers working their rice fields, procession of ducks being herded along quiet roads, or local schoolchildren waving at you on their way to school and more
  8. 8. Horse Riding - Riding is one of the most popular things to do in Legian - You can experience unforgettable Horse Riding at Canggu beach and rice field, 25 minutes away from Kuta beach - For the safety of the horses, guides will only escort you and will not be joining you on the horse.
  9. 9. Where to Stay in Legian? Mercure Bali Legian Loft Legian Hotel Hotel Neo Kuta Jelantik Bali Niksoma Boutique Beach Resort OSSOTEL Legian Bali
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