Luxury Greek Islands Holiday Villas in Greece

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  1. 1. Welcome to theLuxury Greek Islands holiday villas inGreece
  2. 2. Greek VillasThe Greek villas are located in one of the many green valleys of Paxos. The villas arelocated only a short stroll from both Monodendri and Glyfada Beach, and you will bedelighted to know, less than a couple of minutes away from both swimming pools. Thereare basic cooking facilities in the Glyfada Beach Family Villas, however the taverna isnearby, where you can have breakfast and lunch, overlooking the Ionion Sea.
  3. 3. Greek Islands Holiday Villa RentalGreek Islands Holiday VillaAir conditioning is not essential on Paxos due to the cool evening breeze however all thevillas are equipped with air conditioning if you require it. Each villa has its own balcony withtable and chairs, offering views of the Ionian Sea and the olive groves. The villas are light,spacious, simply but elegantly furnished.
  4. 4. Vacation Rentals GlyfadaGlyfada HouseThe Glyfada house is situated at the end of a country lane within the grounds ofGlyfada and is in a class of its own. The Glyfada House is comfortably furnishedand elegantly decorated in the style of a Greek country house with moreamenities than our standard accommodation.
  5. 5. Greek holiday villa rentalGreek holiday villaThe villas are ideally suited for a family of four, especially with children who enjoy staying nearthe swimming pool. Its also very suitable for couples who enjoy having a bit of extra space onholiday.
  6. 6. Glyfada Vacation RentalsGlyfada VacationThe Venetians who ruled the island of Paxos from the 14th century still have alasting impression on the culture and infrastructure of the island. Paxos isknown for its crystal clear waters, pebbled beaches, deep caves, olive oilplantation and vineyards.
  7. 7. Stonehouse Holiday RentalsStone HouseThe Stone House is ideal for visitors who enjoy staying in a private location andtranquil surroundings. The smallest port of Paxos, Loggos, is only a 15 minutewalk.
  8. 8. luxury holiday villa paxosluxury holiday villaThe three Ionian Islands Villas are situated close to the swimming pool andtennis court in Glyfada. From the unique position on the hill there is an amazingview over the Ionian Sea, the Greek mainland and the green olive groves ofGlyfada. The villas are simply but elegantly furnished with comfortable sofasand marmer tables.
  9. 9. Villa holidays to PaxosVilla holidaysThe friendly and professional approach of the owners will provide a magicalholiday experience for people of all ages and will draw you back to the islandof Paxos, time and time again.
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