Plan a Wonderful Vacation Trip to European Paradise Tenerife

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  1. 1. Tenerife is a largest one from other Canary Islands and considered a great place to travel as it offers lush forests, exotic fauna and flora, deserts, mountains, volcanoes, incredibly beautiful coastline and spectacular beaches. Thousands of tourists visit this region for witnessing its spectacular beaches and lively nightlife which gives them a unique experience of enjoying a wonderful vacation.
  2. 2. Language Spoken: Tenerifes native language is Spanish where as English, German and Italian language are also spoken commonly. You will not find any big problem in dealing with the language and doing any communication. If wanted to learn Spanish then you can enroll to Spanish school over here taking up four-six hours of courses a day.
  3. 3. Arrive and Get Around: To reach this Island you have to arrive by a flight and land at one of the mentioned airports: Tenerife Airport North (Los Rodeos) and Tenerife Airport South (Reina Sofia) as well as Tenerife, Port Los Cristianos. After which you can avail City Car Rentals- reliable Tenerife car hire services, that will offer best option for discovering its remote regions filled with wilderness and scenic beauty. With a reliable car hire service you can enjoy some beautiful drives all around the Island with long winding mountain roads and breathtaking scenery. You can also witness strongly influenced tribal culture of the Guanches (original inhabitants) as well as watch tropical birds at Loro Park, explore Tenerife Zoo Monkey Park and Parque Nacional Las Canadas del Teides volcanic rock formations.
  4. 4. Eat and Drink: Here at many restaurants fish will be found as a main part of any local diet and they will cook the fish which you select or choose from their collection. Along with this you can have delight of eating typical Spanish meals such as tortilla (potato omelette), paella (rice dishes), If a fast food lover then can also find plenty of restaurants that will offer hamburgers, pizza, chips, etc. You can enjoy 24 hour clubbing and drinking at Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos that will provide ample of locations for your enjoyment as well as can taste specialized local beer or drinks such as Dorada, Barraquito or barraco (coffee specialty), Ron Miel (honey rum), etc. By availing our car hire services you can easily travel along the places while eating, dancing, and enjoying all around Tenerife. Our reliable car hire service will give you freedom of driving the car comfortably around different places.
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