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1. Short Hills Aviation 18 Airport Road, Morristown, NJ 07960 | Tel: 877.880.1836 Fax: 866.880.1836 2. History of Private Jet Chartering Most people already know of the famous first flight of Orvilleseveral patrons and adventure seeking passengers thatand Wilbur Wright on December 17, 1903; a momentousotherwise may never have afforded such a luxury. The trendoccasion that changed transportation and travel as weof mass package holiday flights continued nearly each yearknow it. It wasnt until 1950, however, that the very firstthereafter, with flights to Palma in 1952, Lourdes in 1953,documented charter flight took place. Vladimir Raitzand the Costa Brava and Sardinia in 1954. The popularity ofdesigned and organized holiday flights from Gatwick airportcharter flights climbed until the 1970s, due to the collapsein Crawley, West Sussex to a small island west of Italy calledof many large airline corporations. Chartered flights saw anCorsica. By combining and subsidizing the costs of travel,upswing in the early 2000s, however, and have continued totransfer, and accommodation, a new and unique method ofbe a favored means of air travel to this was formed. The idea was a massive success, 3. The Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet In the 21st century, there is no greater means of reachingflights are free to come and go as they please, making ityour destination than by the calm, secure method of airpossible to create a vacation that best fits ones Unfortunately, as the number of people seekingAlso, chartered flights are the most secure and private waycommercial flights increases, so too do the number ofto travel. Since the only passengers within the jet will beproblems or inconveniences one can expect when enteringthose that are personally invited, conferences or meetingsan airport. Chartering a private jet, however, allows for allcan be held midflight just as if they were in an office building.of the conveniences of flight without the expected troubles.Consider the difference chartering a private jet couldThe most notable example is the ability to fly out of a smallermake for your next trip before choosing commercial, andgeneral aviation hub and avoid dealing with a commercialexperience the improvement first hand.airport all together. Likewise, those who charter 4. Aircraft Management Owning a personal jet might be a grand experience in andshould always be monitored by nothing less than the bestof itself, but such an elaborate vehicle needs a specialequipment and most recently developed computers. You canlevel of attention to remain in perfect shape. Many times,rest assured knowing that, with Short Hill Aviation Services,owners are too busy running a business or balancing othereach procedure will be overseen by a top quality aircraftinvestments to give their jet the proper care. Thankfully,management team that always complies by FAA inspectionaircraft management services are available to assist withrequirements. Best of all, at Short Hills Aviation Services, allany and every need that arises. A reputable and top classoperational and non-operational decisions regarding yourcompany, such as Short Hills Aviation Services, will offeraircraft are made with the owners best interest in mind.several thousand square feet of space for your jet to rest,Owning a personal jet should be a matter of convenience,and a comfortable lounge area for owners. Maintenancenot an additional