River Rafting in Rishikesh- Rishikesh Rafting Packages

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Your craving for adventure can be easily satisfied in Rishikesh. With different rafting packages available for families, friends and office groups, you can make the most of your adventurous trip in this holy land.

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  • 1. Rishikesh The Ideal Destination for Adventure Enthusiasts

2. Relevance of Adventure in our Lives A life lived without experiencing adventure is a life wasted. Most of the people spend their lives following the same routine and seldom fulfill their adventurous desires. If you are one of them, you need to break those shackles of boredom and step into a world full of adventure. Because adventure brings satisfaction and satisfaction brings you soul-calming happiness. 3. River Rafting in Rishikesh With roaring River Ganges flowing through, Rishikesh stands as an ideal destination to relish river rafting in India. The rafting stretches offering never imagined encounters with strong currents of water take your expedition to the peak of adventure and the thrill it instills brings goose bumps every now & then. From Grade I to IV, one can enjoy rafting at every level. However, beginners should limit themselves to Grade II only. 4. River Rafting Packages While you start your hunt for the most suitable rafting packages, do visit www.alaknandariverrafting.in for availing the best one. Whether you want to enjoy rafting with your friends, family or colleagues, this portal has packages to suit the requirement of every group you socialize in. 5. List of Packages Alaknanda River Expedition Corporate Camping and Rafting Tour Fun and Rafting with Family Extreme Adventures on Ganges Rafting Masti on Ganges Thrill on Ganges Trek, Bike and Raft in Garhwal Himalayas Rendezvous with Rapids (Marine Drive to Rishikesh) 6. Details of Alaknanda River Expedition Package Spend 7 nights and 8 days in absolute comfort and relish rafting to your hearts content. In addition to rafting from Grades 2 to 5, this package allows you to indulge in body surfing, cliff jumping and beach volleyball. 7. Details of Corporate Camping & Rafting Tour Package Make some memories with your colleagues by spending 1 night and 2 days with them on the shores of Ganges. Enjoy rafting, kayaking, cliff jumping, rappelling and a lot of other adventures during the trip and take home some unforgettable memories. 8. Details of Fun & Rafting with Family Package The amount of fun doubles when you are vacationing with family. Spend 2 nights and 3 days with your near & dear ones and take pleasure in rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking and more. This trip will surely rejuvenate your senses and break your mundane life. 9. Details of Extreme Adventure on Ganges Package Savor rafting of Grades 2 and 3 in this Rishikesh sojourn of 1 night and 2 days. Also indulge in rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking & bungee jumping during this trip and treat yourself to sumptuous cuisine. 10. Details of Rafting Masti on Ganges Package Complement your rafting trip of 1 night and 2 days with rappelling, rock climbing, kayaking and badminton. Top-of-the-line services and best-in-class hospitality are sure to add to your experience of vacationing in Rishikesh. 11. Details of Thrill on Ganges Package Experience thrill and fun together by savoring rafting of Grades 2 and 3 in Rishikesh. Also indulge in cliff jumping, body surfing, rock climbing, rappelling & other adventurous activities by availing this package. The enjoyment of your trip will double with quality services, facilities and hospitality. 12. Details of Trek, Bike & Raft in Garhwal Himalayas Package Spend 5 nights and 6 days in Rishikesh and partake in some of the most thrilling adventures of the world. From rafting and cliff jumping to badminton and volleyball, you can indulge in plethora of outdoor activities by opting for this package. Adding to your experience will be courteous staff, delectable cuisine and flawless services. 13. Details of Rendezvous with Rapids Package A quick tour of Rishikesh of 1 night and 2 days will surely refresh your mind, body and soul. Enjoy rafting, rock climbing, rappelling and a number of other adventurous activities and take home some thrilling stories to tell to your near & dear ones. 14. Alaknanda River Adventure Camp Beach No : 21 Byasi (Rishikesh) Phone - + 91 - 9212553174 /75 E-mail info@alaknandariverrafting.in Web- http://www.alaknandariverrafting.in/