The ultimate word in luxury and privacy in bangkok is maduzi hotel bangkok

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<p> 1. The Ultimate Word in Luxury and Privacy in Bangkok is Maduzi Hotel Bangkok Located at the Sukhmuvit/Asoke intersection, Maduzi Hotel Bangkok is known the world over as the best small luxury boutique hotel in this city. Replete with the best furnishings and warm Thai hospitality, this hotel is ideal for patrons who value luxury at its best. Known across the globe as the best boutqiue hotel in Bangkok, Maduzi Hotel Bangkok is the top choice of hotel guests who are looking for an experience that is outstanding. With luxuriously furnished hotel rooms that are the final word in style and elegance, Maduzi Hotel Bangkok gives its valued guests the privacy and security they cannot get in any other establishment. The prime location of this hotel makes it an excellent choice for those who want to strike a balance between the hustle and bustle of the city, and the quietude that exudes sophistication and charm. Guests can reach the hotel through the skytrain or the subway to the Asoke/ Sukhumvit station and walk or take a cab to the luxurious and glamorous seven storey hotel. An executive at Maduzi Hotel Bangkok remarks, To give you a fair estimation of just how committed we are to valuing and protecting the privacy and security of our clients, we provide each of our patrons with a guest code. Only those who know the guest code are then given the authorization to enter the hotel premises and meet our patrons. Guests are referred to within the hotel only by the codename to protect their privacy. While other hotels speak of privacy and confidentiality in name only, Maduzi Hotel Bangkok actually takes active steps to protect the dignity and identity of the hotel guests through such measures. With luxury and refinement at its best, Maduzi Hotel Bangkok is the top choice of famous and important people from all over the world. Hotel guests include top celebrities, corporate heads and public personalities. Discretion is the top of the agenda at the hotel. Maduzi Hotel Bangkok offers its guests a wealth of choices when it comes to quality hotel rooms that are synonymous with class and style. Guests can choose between the Maduzi Classic, Maduzi Deluxe, Maduzi Corner Suite, and the ultimate Maduzi suite. The stylish bar and lounge of the hotel are top spots for those who want to relax in comfort that is associated with true luxury. 2. The exeuctive shares how, Those who trust Maduzi Hotel Bangkok place their faith in true style. We are all about the best luxury rooms and suites in Bangkok. Nothing less than the best will do for our clients. We can handle the challenge of caring for our high profile patrons without missing a single detail. With so many advantages in staying at Maduzi Hotel Bangkok, it is no wonder that we are the top choice when it comes to luxury that is unapologeticallygrand. Our hotel epitomizes the quiet refinement that comes with true class. Our lounge is just what guests who crave for privacy in comfortable surroundings need. With so many unbelievable special discounts and offers, Maduzi Hotel Bangkok is the top choice no matter what the size of the party. Large groups can opt for the Functions and Banquets package. Newlyweds can go in for the Special Honeymoon Package. Business travelers can also avail packages that offer them discounts in the bar and restaurant for food as well as beverages. Privacy is the buzzword at Maduzi Hotel Bangkok and gates remain closed at all hours to guard the security of the clients. No doubt, Maduzi Hotel Bangkok is considered the best among all the small luxury boutique hotels in Bangkok. About Maduzi Hotel Bangkok: Maduzi Hotel Bangkok is located in Thailand's cosmopolitan capital city of Bangkok. This reputed hotel is synonymous with refinement that is so chic that guests from the world over feel right at home here. Clients who find the best hotels in Bangkok need to look no further than the classy and elegant Maduzi Hotel Bangkok. To enjoy the individualistic and unique Thai hospitality which is the warmest and sunniest in the world, along with the beautiful surrounds replete with glamour and charm, guests book their rooms only at Maduzi Hotel Bangkok. Contact Details: 9/1 Corner of Shukhumvit Soi 16, Ratchadaphisek, Klongtoey,Bangkok 10110, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2615 6400 Fax: +66 (0) 2260 0658 Email: Website: </p>