This wonderful lake baikal

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  1. 1. This wonderful Lake Baikal
  2. 2. Lake Baikal, in eastern Siberia, is a miracleof nature. Its the deepest lake on Earthand it contains more water than all theGreat Lakes of America put together.
  3. 3. More than 300 rivers flow into Lake Baikal andonly one river, the Angara, flowsoutwards.By the way,if thelakewassuddenlyno longerbefedwith thewaterfrom rivers, andthe Angaracontinuedto flow, itwould take400 yearstoall the watergonefrom the lake.
  4. 4. Baikalis about25 millionyears old.
  5. 5. The areaof LakeBaikal isseismicallyactive.The last earthquake whichoccurredtherein 2008 was 9on the Richter scale.
  6. 6. The waterin thislakehas a lotof oxygen andit isveryclear.
  7. 7. Lake Baikalis thehabitat ofmanyuniqueandendemic plantsand animals.Forexample, thereareabout 27species offishwhich existonlyin these waters.
  8. 8. The origin of the word Baikal:Bai-Kul (Kirgh.) - Rich LakeBaygal (Yakut.) - Very Deep WaterBaygaal-Dalai (Mong.) - Natural SeaBei-Hai (Chinese) - North Sea
  9. 9. Some problems of Baikal:-Some factories which are located on theshoresof Lake Baikal pollute theenvironment (Baikalsk Pulp and Paper Mill )-Illegal fishing and hunting-deforestation- rubbish
  10. 10. Some ways to solve these problems:- We should notpollute thenaturalenvironmentof Lake Baikal- We should fight against the industrialpollution of Lake Baikal- We should take part in the program WorldHeritage of UNESCO "