Top 10 alternative winter activities in Verbier

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<ul><li><p> ALTERNATIVE WINTER TOP 10ACTIVITIES IN VERBIER</p><p>chaletapartmentRENTALS SALES&amp;</p><p>SNOWSHOEING</p><p>ICE-KARTING</p><p>Taking a refreshing plunge into the snow doesntnecessarily have to be done with skis! </p><p>If youre in Verbier, dont miss out on ice-karting!</p><p>ICE-CLIMBINGIf youre up for trying something really different,ice climbing is an incredibly fun activity! </p><p>SPA TREATMENTSA trip to a luxury spa allows you to truly unwind and</p><p>revive aching muscles all in an idyllic, calming setting.</p><p>GEOCACHINGA new craze that appears to be taking the world by storm,geocaching is the process of searching for treasure byusing the GPS system on your smartphone</p><p>HELICOPTER TOURSAdmire the array of stunning mountains from analternate viewpoint - the sky! You can sit back,</p><p>soften and take in the captivating views of the town.</p><p>HUSKY DOG SLEDDINGYou can be steered through the charming avenuesof Verbier by the dogs themselves ora guide who can manage the activity.</p><p>SHOPPINGDont miss out on the high-end boutiques of Verbier</p><p>and give yourself a chance to browse local produceand designer shops.</p><p>If youre a real thrill seeker, theres no better way totake your adrenaline levels to the pinnacle thanby leaping out of a plane over Verbier mountains!</p><p>Submerge in a unique perspective of the Verbierenvirons through a bird's eye viewexperience of the exquisite village. </p><p>PARAGLIDING</p><p>SKYDIVING</p></li></ul>