Top Most Adventure Destinations in India

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India promises many adventures of varying intensity that can deliver magic and mystery at every corner.


  • 1. Top 3 Adventure Destinations in IndiaIf you consider whitewater river rafting in Rishikesh as the topmost adventure in India,wait till you discover how else the country can satiate your adventure spirit.India promises many adventures of varying intensity that can deliver magic andmystery at every corner. The appetite for adventure has risen to new levels in the countryand overseas and hence the number of adventure sports in India has also multiplied overthe years. You can raft on unconquerable rivers, dive into deep seas, glide throughpristine blue skies and trek on unimaginable rugged terrains to know how fun and thrillcan unravel themselves.Here is a list of top destinations in India that promise maximum adventure andthrills.

2. 1. LadakhThe very name Ladakhis synonymous witheclectic adventure. Everyyear, a large number ofadventure enthusiastsvisit Ladakh to experienceall that the region cangive them. Fromparagliding and trekkingto mountain biking and even horse polo; Ladakh is a piece of heaven above and below.You can glide through the skies, camp at Rumbak, embark on Markha Valley Trek andrelax to enjoy a game of horse polo. Your thirst for adventure will be thoroughlyquenched at Ladakh but the region will also make you want to come back for more.2. RishikeshThe first thing that strikes your mindwhen you think adventure sports iswhitewater river rafting in Rishikesh.This region and the popular sport areperhaps the number one choice ofadventure fanatics all over the world.Rafting in the Ganges that is a grueling36km stretch includes 13 rapids thatrange from grade I to V. And thats notall, you also get to enjoy bungee jumping,cliff jumping, kayaking and the surprising flying fox when you are at Rishikesh. 3. 3. MeghalayaGo to Meghalaya to takea piece of it wherever yougo. Meghalaya is rightlytermed the abode ofclouds and for reasonsyoull know why when youvisit this beautiful place.Meghalaya has some of thecountrys most interestingtrekking trails throughrugged terrains, gorges andvalleys. The very popularLiving Bridge is at Meghalaya. Cycling is another popular activity in Meghalaya. Everyyear this state hosts a number of guided cycling tours. When you are in Meghalaya, makesure you are well protected for you are likely to go through some of the wettest regions inthe country.About is an adventure travel company that operates out of Mumbaiand Chennai, focused on helping create life changing travel experiences forpeople from all walks of life.Contact,Brindavan Apartments,19 Khader Nawaz Khan Road,Chennai 600006, IndiaWebsite: