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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Ultimate GuideTo Plan A Perfect TripWWW.GUESTHOUSER.COM</p> <p>With the help of these quick tipsYour process of planning can becomeEASIER &amp; FANTASTICWWW.GUESTHOUSER.COM</p> <p>LETS BEGINWWW.GUESTHOUSER.COM</p> <p>DECIDE DESTINATIONAND DURATIONFirstly choose the destination as per your budgetPlan out the destination as per you motives as it gives you a definite goal.Ask yourself some question: want to escape from winters/summers or discover new place &amp; cultureThen finalize the number of days you will stay at the selected destinationLook out for online deals which may help to save a bit.WWW.GUESTHOUSER.COM</p> <p>CHOOSE YOURMODE OF TRAVELIf going on a road trip then it will take more time than other transport options.Choose the mode of travel as per your selected destination.The days that will go into traveling should also be taken into consideration while planning.WWW.GUESTHOUSER.COM</p> <p>TIME TO FINALIZETHE BUDGETWhether you want to travel as a backpacker or stay in luxury holiday homes.Calculate how much transportation, accommodation, food and other attractions are going to cost.Look for online deals on holiday homes or transportation to save a bit.If travelling during festive seasons, you will get discounts &amp; cashbacks on online deals.WWW.GUESTHOUSER.COM</p> <p>BOOK YOURACCOMMODATIONMost of the backpackers find their accommodation after arriving at the destination. But its recommended to pre-book your holiday home at least for the first night.Surf through various travel websites, compare the prices and do read the reviews of the customers so that it gives you an idea about the hotel facilities.Look for budgeted stays if you want to spend less on accommodation.</p> <p>WWW.GUESTHOUSER.COM</p> <p>PRE-BOOK YOURTRANSPORTATIONCheck out the local mode of transportation for your selected destination.Never book in hurry! Do a complete research and then make an appropriate decision.Check out online deals for additional offers/cashbacks.</p> <p>WWW.GUESTHOUSER.COM</p> <p>TIME TO PACK YOUR BAG.GO HAVE FUN!WWW.GUESTHOUSER.COM</p> <p>ABOUT GUESTHOUSERGuestHouser is Indias largest portal of unique vacation rentals.Founded by Dhruv Sharma and Braden Hanlon, alumni's of Boston University in October 2014.Over 110,000 holiday homes across 2,200+ cities across India.Headquartered in Gurgaon (Gurugram), Haryana.</p> <p>WWW.GUESTHOUSER.COM</p> <p>WWW.GUESTHOUSER.COMTHANK YOU</p>


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