Become a better photographer without taking better photos

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Originally presented to a class at Calvary Church Naperville.

Text of Become a better photographer without taking better photos

  • 1. BECOME A BETTERPHOTOGRAPHER WITHOUTTAKING BETTER PHOTOSAndrew BarickmanAjbarickman.comOctober 28th 2014

2. Twelve significantphotographs in any oneyear is a good crop. Ansel Adams 3. WHAT IS EDITING?Culling bad shotsTweaking good shotsMassaging great shotsPresenting your work in the best possible light 4. EDITING IS VITAL TO THE IMPACTYOUR PHOTOS WILL HAVENo one should see your RAW imagesPeople wont hunt for a good photo in a set of poorphotosAddition by subtractionEditing it half the fun and nearly half the effortWhat would happen if you only delivered your bestshots? 5. THE TOOLS I USEAdobe Lightroom 5.xEvery photoPhotoshop CC 1% of photosOther work fine as well I just am not as familiarwith them 6. MY WORKFLOWPass #1 Initial pass Weed out shots that are unusableTweak a few shots to see if they can be savedMark clear winnersPass #2 - RefineIs it interesting enough to keepIf its just OK keep it for now 7. EDITING FOR ALMOST ALL SHOTSCropWhite BalanceExposureShadows/Highlights 8. MY WORKFLOW (CONT)Pass #3 - Pick your winnersUse feelExpressionColorLightingBalance Light to dark 9. MY WORKFLOW (CONT)Pass #4 - Final PassGo away and come backSpin through them quickly Dont lingerIf you have to many shots that are nearly the samepick one or maybe twoI deliver somewhere around 15% of shots (50 of 350)Rename to our standard convention 10. LEARN FROM THE PROCESSWhat focal length do you normally shoot?Do you take the same shot over and over?What did you like from the shoot?Is there another angle you could use?What was the color temperature? 11. PRESENTING YOUR WORKThink of your audienceHow easy is it for your audience to discover good shots?How easy is it to find your shots in 6 month?Is your best work marred by your mistakes?What I doCreate a gallery and upload my shots to the websiteSend an email letting Sarah know they are ready 12. QUESTIONS? Thank you!