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photo self portraits Loren Madsen Fall, 2010

Photo self portraits

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Photography has been central to revealing and portraying ourselves for the past 150 years. Here are some examples: portraits, street photos, snapshots. You can supply your own selfies.

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  • 1. photo self portraits Loren Madsen Fall, 2010

2. artist unknown Karmas Payment 3. Bruce Nauman Self-Portrait as a Fountain. 196667 Bruce Nauman Feet of Clay. 196667 4. Dennis Oppenheim Parallel Stress. 1970 5. Eleanor Antin. Carving,A Traditional Sculpture. 1972 6. Gilbert & George Great Expectations. 1972 Hannah Wilke Starication Object Series. 197482 7. Joseph Beuys Iphigenia/Titus Andronicus. 1984 8. Laurie Simmons Pink &Yellow, 2009 Laurie Simmons Modern Ofce, 1998 9. Laurie Simmons,The Boxes, 2005 10. Robert Morris. I-Box. 1962 11. Robert Frank, a then-new immigrant to America from Switzerland, got a camera and traveled the US in the early 1950s. He left us a portrait of ourselves. 12. Other have followed in Franks footsteps, leaving us views of their neighborhoods, neighbors, activities and, thereby of themselves and ultimately, again, of us. 13. In photographic portraits of others the photographer can, and does, reveal them self. 14. That kind of self-revelation becomes especially poignant, and fraught with issues of voyeurism and invasion of privacy when the photos are of family. 15. Photographs of friends, colleagues and ones social group can be especially revealing. 16. Creation of an imaginary world or reality can be a fairy tale, or an open exposure of dreams and desires. 17. Fantasy portraits, with self as subject.We all periodically try on the persona of others, but some artists do it very explicitly. 18. Self-portraiture can go from the ordinary to the extreme. 19. The assignment...