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Self-Portrait Workday HS Graphic Design Ms. Vigil

HSGD: Self-Portraits

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Ms. Vigil's Graphic Design Class Self-Portraits Letter cut-outs in Photoshop

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  • 1. Self-Portrait Workday HS Graphic Design Ms. Vigil

2. Daily Objectives I will be able to outline the important events in my life using a sequencing map. I will be able to create a self-portrait that answers the question, "Who am I?" using Photoshop and previous reflections. 3. Remember to answer the following questions in your design: Who am I? What are the distinctive things that make me "me"? How do I want people to see me? How can I express my many different sides? How can I reinvent myself for various purposes or times in my life? How am I changing from day to day or year to year? Who do I want to become? 4. ART Look at how this image combines images in a collage with letters that make up a word. You need to come up with a word that best describes you as a person and incorporate it into your collage. Your images need to have a unified look to them. You might use the hue/saturation tool to get this unified look. The letters of your word should look intentional in the design like this example. 5. A R T 1. Consider using individual letters. 2. Think about cutting out images to fit in the shape of the letters. 3. Or maybe a word cut out of an image is better 6. Cutting a Word Out of an Image Open your image in Photoshop. 7. Type your word using big, bold letters on a separate layer. 8. Use your magic wand tool to select the letters (on the text layer). Add to the selection 9. Select the background image layer. Press Command + C to copy the selection. 10. Open up a new document (or your self-portrait image). 11. Paste your selection into your new file. 12. Copy (Command + C) the text layer from the other file and paste it (Command + v) into your new image.