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Pitch for survivors

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Molly TurrellSurvivors

20 shots (average)What I foundNon-diegetic musicWide range of shots, including POV shotsReflect the genre in the location/ setting

Secondary audience researchTarget Audience16-25 male and femalesHorror genre

Montage of walkingFind the opening in the riverWash themselves in the riverHear a groan from the other sideWalk over to the zombieSee its leg is caughtStab the zombie in the headScreen goes blankSynopsis

Non-diegetic musicLong shots for the montageStraight cuts for the whole sequenceAmbient sounds/ amplified dialogue because the river will be loudFade in from black at the beginning and straight cut at the end Storyboard

Karen Turrell- Mum- SurvivorMaisy Turrell- Sister- SurvivorTom Day- Boyfriend- ZombieAmbra DiGennaro- Friend- SurvivorCharlie Beadle- Friend- Survivor


Wolsingham- Demesne MillWolsingham- Tunstall ReservoirLocation

Risk assessment

Old clothes with rips and mud covering themKnife prop- not an actual one because health and safetyCamouflage back packsTins and cups for food and water

Costume and props


Easy to recreateHousehold objectsNot too time consuming