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How to Sell Your Used Car for the Best Possible Price
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We all want to get the best possible price possible when we sell anything.

So we'll teach you how to get the best possible price when you sell your car.

By learning a few tricks from the Car Dealers.

1: The first thing that makes a big difference is appearance.

You're going to have a hard time selling your car when you can't see the carpet.

Or when the engine is leaking all over the engine.

These make people think that you didn't care about your car.

Even if you actually do. It just looks bad.

Dealers always prepare their cars for sale by getting them professionally groomed and detailed.

2: Dealers know that smart buyers check fluids. It tells them if you've actually serviced the car.

Clean oil is a gold colour. Used oil is black. Show the potential buyer the gold.

Antifreeze should be bright pink or bright green depending on your car and Full when cold.
Needs a top-up!

Oil and coolant is cheap. Replace it if it needs to be done.

3: Get the biggest audience to see that your car is for sale. Online listings are usually really good.

The key to a good online listing is:- Good Photos- Good Description

Photos should be clear and relevant. Take good shots of important things like the engine, tire tread, wheels, dashboard and odometer.

And tell the potential buyers about any obvious damage. It saves everyone time.

Nice and tidy.

Look at all that tread. This buyer won't have to worry about replacing tires anytime soon.

Descriptions should be sharp and to the point.

Think: Feature + Benefit.

Explain what these buttons do.

4: Pricing. Price it so it sells.

Or else you'll end up with it forever and it will be worth nothing.Sharp prices generate interest.

The best possible price is the price that you can sell it for that is, what people are prepared to pay for it.

Expired auction listings that met reserve are good indicators of what things are selling for.

Show off your car with a test drive. Test drives can be fun.

Before you let them take your car for a test drive take their:Insurance DetailsDrivers Licence DetailsContact Details

And make sure your insurance covers test drivers. Give them a call.

Go with them if you're not sure about their motivations.

Sold? Now what?

Don't let the buyer take the car until they've changed the ownership into their name and have paid in full.

Thanks for reading. We hope this helps you sell your car for the price you want.
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