Selling at your higher price

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Power Series Business Breakfast - "Selling at your Higher Price"


  • 1. Selling at yourHigher Price

2. What is Quality ?It WorksIt Looks GoodIt Satisfies your Customer's NeedsIt LastsIt Maintains it's ValueYour Customer is proud to own it 3. Selling the Perception of QualityTo Sell Quality you haveto have Quality SellersOther Company Employees 4. Selling the Perception of QualityDo Sweat the Small Stuff!Guarantee your productor Service 5. Selling the Perception of QualityQuality CommunicationBrochures, Proposals &Quotations 6. Quotations / ProposalsQuotationsSpecificationsPriceDeliveryTerms and ConditionsPrice only holds good for 30 Days 7. Quotations / ProposalsProposalsThe Customers ObjectivesYour RecommendationsSummary of Additional BenefitsFinancial ImplicationsYour Additional Information 8. Selling the Perception of QualityPackagingAdvertisingVehicles 9. It is Easierto Sell theHigher PricedProduct 10. Selling at your Higher priceValueBenefitsPrice=Benefits = 4, Price = 4, Value = 1Benefits = 6, Price = 4, Value = 1.5Benefits = 8, Price = 5, Value = 1.6 11. DeliveryPriceRelationshipQuality 12. DeliveryPriceRelationshipQuality 13. DeliveryPriceRelationshipQuality 14. DeliveryPriceRelationshipQuality 15. DeliveryPriceRelationshipQuality 16. DeliveryPriceRelationshipQuality 17. ObjectionsIts too expensive!When you say it's tooexpensive, are you saying youcannot afford the price or isthere something I've missed? 18. OppositionEither! Convert the objection to a need! then provide your benefit that! satisfies that needOr! Minimize the objection and! maximize the benefits you have! already agreed 19. Communicate ValueAddTake awayMultiplyDivideall the benefitswhat the customerwill losethe savingsthe extra cost by someappropriate figure 20. Buyers TricksThe buyer says "That's it", or "Take it orleave it".The buyer agrees to a price and then addson extras.The buyer uses the "bulk discount" tactic.The buyer keeps you waiting. 21. Selling at yourHigher