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about skoda launching n description about it

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    Presented By:- Aarohi Mankotia Abhishek Pathak Mohit Bhayana

  • Intro To The CaseSkoda was Czech Republic made car.In 1970s skoda came in UK market with Rapide and Estelle.They spawn a thousand jokes too tedious to relate, about lack of features, slow acceleration, poor bodywork.A story of British Man. 1991, 16 April Skoda Auto forms a joint venture with the Volkswagen group, becoming its fourth brand after Audi, Seat and VW.

  • Image improved in Europe but in UK it is continued to regard as a joke.So Hawken tooks up the work to change the entire countrys perception about the car.1990s First new models produced Felicia and Octavia, Innovative ad compaigns in western Europe that send up the brand's poor inage while highlighting vastly improved qualities prove to be successful. First slogan, self ironic It's a Skoda honest

  • Focused primarily on Television Ads, Public Relations and Direct Mail.To confront the Skodas negative Image, particularly among Rejecters.They focused on influential journalists rather than the traditional automotive journalists.This strategy helps the Skoda to receive headlines like History Biggest Comeback

  • Questions Is this strategy likely to succeed? A new role for advertising: A new target audience: P.R. played a critical role at launch: Repositioning the consumers: Eliminating other variable:

  • Campaign result

  • Would this campaign be more or less likely to succeed in America?Campaign was a success in America because of following things 'It's a bit tongue in cheek. They're obviously well aware of their reputation and this comes across as proud of what they've got. Man, 4555, Reading'Skoda used be the joke. Now the joke is the joke. Man, 3545, Swindon'History's biggest comeback since Bobby Ewing stepped out of the shower, new Skoda is hip and sexy yes, sexy. The Mirror, March 2000'Rather cheeky, very effective.'A true reflection on how people relate to Skoda. Millward Brown Verbatims, April 2000

  • Why would the image of the Skoda be so much lower in Britain than in the rest of Europe?Britishers regard Skoda as a jokeBritishers dont know about the engineeringheritage socially unacceptableimage deficiency



  • Why wouldnt be automotive journalists be Brand Influencers for Skoda? Why would general consumer journalists be brand influencers? Opinion LeadersTo reposition their customerTo change the customer attitude towards SkodaTo make more PR effortsTo innovate media thinkingTo change the attitude of opinion formers