CompetitionX How To: Replace your Bearings on your Tamiya F104 X1 with Boca Bearings

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<ul><li><p>Installing Boca Bearings into your Tamiya F104X1</p><p>How To: Replace Your Tamiya F104X1 Bearings withBoca Bearings</p><p> /rc-how-tos/replace-your-tamiya-f104x1-bearings-with-boca-bearings/</p><p>The F104X1 is Tamiyas latest and greatest super F1.There has been a few design updates from the F104Pro that allow you to really dial it in to any tracksurface. While it does ride on a quality set of shieldedball bearings, installing a high-end set of BocaBearings will really enhance the performance of thecar. There is not only a noticeable increase on thetrack but is also a very easy install.</p><p>For this install we will be using Bocas CeramicLightning Ultra Seal Bearing set, part #55-590C YU. Ata retail cost of around $55 thats not a bad investmentfor a little extra speed.</p><p>Items Needed:Standard tools used to maintain your car.</p><p>Step 1:</p><p>Remove the bearings from the plastic pouch. Boca has placed all the bearings into separate bags to makeit easier to work with.</p><p>Step 2:</p><p>Remove the front tires from the F104X1 and pop the bearings out. They should come out quite easily. Findthe bag labeled SMR105C-YUU NB2. These are the replacement bearings for the front wheels. Pressthem into place and re-install the front wheels. NOTE: There is a small axle spacer that should still be onthe axle. If its not, check the bearings you removed. Sometimes the spacer will stick to the back of theinner bearing. Make sure you use thisits important.</p><p>Step 3:</p><p>Remove the rear axle, pop out the axle height spacers and remove the bearings. Find the bag labeledSMR106C-YUU NB2. There are the replacement rear axle bearings. Press them into the axle heightspacers and press that assembly back into the rear pod. Reassemble the entire left side of the axle. Thereshould be an axle spacer that goes between the rear pod and the counterweight. If you dont see it, checkto make sure that its not stuck to the bearings you removed.</p><p>Step 4:</p><p>Disassemble the differential. Replace the thrust bearing with the one in the bag labeled SMR115C-YUUNB2. Replace the inner diff bearing with the one in the bag labeled SMR128C-YUU NB2. You will only be</p><p>;camp=1789&amp;creative=390957&amp;field-keywords=boca bearings&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;rh=n%3A165793011%2Cn%3A276729011%2Cn%3A6925830011%2Cn%3A166583011%2Cn%3A166588011%2Ck%3Aboca bearings&amp;tag=competitionx-20&amp;url=node%3D166588011&amp;linkId=DRXQZ6RKBW2RVJSU</p></li><li><p>Boca Bearings for the Tamiya F104X1</p><p>Replace the front tire bearings</p><p>usingone ofthe diff</p><p>bearings on the F104X1. Reassemble the differential.</p></li><li><p>Replace the rear axle bearings</p><p>Replace the differential bearings</p><p>The F104X1 includes a bearing supported counterweight on the left side of the rear axle. Because this is alimitededitioncarthereis not a</p></li><li><p>complete matching Boca Bearing kit. You can, however, replace these bearings with a set of the BocaSMR115C-YUU NB2 Thrust Bearings.</p><p>Once installed, you may not see a dramatic increase on the benchyet. The first run should fling a bunchof the grease out of the bearings allowing them to spin for quite a long time. Being a high quality set ofbearings, they wont need much maintenance however, for maximum performance, remove and cleanthem every couple of races (more often if you race outside on a dusty surface).</p><p>Links:Tamiya, www.TamiyaUSA.comBoca Bearings,</p><p>http://www.tamiyausa.com</p><p>How To: Replace Your Tamiya F104X1 Bearings with Boca BearingsStep 1:Step 2:Step 3:Step 4:</p></li></ul>