Driving on a flat tire

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  • I remember one of the first times I had ever had a flat tire.

  • I was leaving the MoiveTavern just a few minutes away from my home.

  • I at the time was a new driver, and I wasnt really sure as to what I should have done in this situation.

  • I naively decided that I would drive back to my home since it was only a few minutes away.

  • Even though I was driving slowly this was a bad idea.

  • The reason for this is that once I was almost home, I noticed a smoke coming from underneath my vehicle.

  • Naturally, I freaked out, but instead of stopping I continued driving home.

  • Once I made it into the driveway, I notice that the flat tire was ripped to shreds.

  • I then notified my parents who were very upset about the tire since they would be paying for the replacement, but also because I put my safety at risk.

  • Through my mistake future drivers can learn what to do in case they have a flat tire, and avoid making the same mistake I did.

  • One of the first risks that drivers take when they drive on a flat tire is additional damage to their vehicle.

  • The tire is just the rubber donut that is wrapped on the rim of the vehicle wheel.

  • This rubber acts as a protection for the rim and you.

  • While driving with the damaged tire the rim may take a beating which could lead to other parts of the vehicle becoming damaged.

  • This can be very expensive to fix and/or replace.

  • An additional risk that drivers take when driving on a damaged tire is their personal safety.

  • While driving on a flat tire a driver is more likely to lose control of the vehicle.

  • This could be deadly for the driver and other drivers on the roadway.

  • In addition to losing control of the car the driver assumes the risk of the vehicle catching fire.

  • Once the rims of a wheel hit the ground sparks can be produced.

  • The sparks created could interact with a very flammable part of the vehicle.

  • That being said driving a vehicle with a flat tire could turn into driving a bomb on three wheels.

  • One of the first things that a driver should consider when they have a flat tire is to see if they have a spare tire.

  • By switching the damaged tire with the spare a driver can safely make it to a short destination such as a shop to have their damaged tire fixed and/or replaced.

  • This would also prevent the driver from further damaging the rest of their car.

  • If a spare isnt available drivers should consider calling a tow truck.

  • Most insurance companies offer roadside assistance which means that the drivers insurance company will cover the cost of having a vehicle towed to a repair shop.

  • With this option no driver should even consider driving on a flat tire.


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