Rideshare, safe and cheap cab or taxi service in delhi and ncr

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Rideshare, Safe and Cheap Cab or Taxi service in Delhi and NCR

Rideshare, Car-pool, sharing a cab or a taxi have all become very popular modes of transport for our daily commuters; like school children, office goers, students attending colleges, sports or tuition. With the increasing pace of life, there is now an ever increasing demand of new and innovative solutions like CabShare, to pace-up things for us.

Delhi is the Capital of IndiaIt is the 2nd most populous city because of the vast urban expansion and this growth has gone beyond its boundaries to benefit the neighbouring towns in other states (referred to as NCR). It is the most pollutedcity in the World and owing to the air pollution it has a high death toll every year.

Public Transport Public transport is tedious and no longer a very safe mode of travel. Our busy schedules and new opportunities quite often make us hit the road at odd-hours in the city. Thus, sharing a ride on a taxi or a car-ride with our known ones or neighbours and a door to door public transport convenience, is deemed to be a safer option.

Many daily commuters prefer the concept of park and ride; especially on metros, EMUs or during airport travel. CabShare can help you with a drop to the station or airport, with no worrying for finding an adequate parking spot, paying big money for them or be bothered about any vehicle thefts or damages. CabShare takes care of your return travel as well.

Ride SharingThe More the Merrier: Sharing a ride is cheaper with more number of co-travellers, as we have lesser to pay because the fare gets equally divided between all.

Car-pool for sending kids to school has become very popular in the NCR, owing to the travel distance of schools. This has forced the parents to maintain 2 cars and sometimes 2 drivers. Thus, studying in some of these esteemed schools has become a privilege for a few. Also, we are compromising the safety of children by trusting 5 different drivers over a week. CabShare gives you the convenience of car-pool with a dedicated driver, without an extra budgeting for a spare car or a driver.

CabShare HelpsSharing a ride through CabShare helps reduce or eliminate the anxiety and waiting time. CabShare is just a click away and you can have a ride at your convenience.Sharing a ride for a travel out of town, to longer distances, becomes easy and can be planned immediately within low budgets, by being able to share the cab with someone else.The concept of ride sharing helps us to save on the fuel and the maintenance cost of our personal vehicles. Cab share offers you to stay away from the hassle of parking and payments made towards it.

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www.cabshare.inThese concepts of rideshare, car-pool and radio cab services at cheap rates is All the convenience we can ask for. In addition, it comes with the advantages of safety and security for our children and women; with healthier effects on the environment, reduced pollutants and a better health promise.