Trailer Editing and Sound

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2. INSIDIOUS H T T P : / / W W W. YO U T U B E . C O M / WA T C H ? V = W N - 5 Z 7 0 8 D P E Throughout the first 44 seconds, a sound of a metronome is used over the dialogue and takes the sound is taken from the metronome set at the start of the trailer after someone asks ready? this could be perceived as the trailer addressing the audience. The sound effect used over the dialogue shows the constant stream of events that are all connected to each other/horror. Also, it creates a dramatic effect to the audience, helping build tension. We could use this idea in our trailer; taking a sound given from the start of the trailer and use it until the trailers events turn more dramatic the sound of a car driving, a song put on in the background, or water or another sound given by a normal prop from the film. 3. THE CONJURING H T T P : / / W W W. YO U T U B E . C O M / WA T C H ? V = 0 9 S F C S F R R F G Towards the beginning of the film lighthearted takes are given before the story turns to a dramatic horror; over this sequence a normal, pop song is given to show the tone of the film. However, this score helps create dramatic irony as the audience will know that it is of a horror genre if they dont then the turn of events from the happy beginning will help catch attention. I think we could include a light song over the start of our trailer, when the two friends are both happy and alive and change the tone when one of the friend dies. 4. DARK SKIES H T T P : / / W W W. YO U T U B E . C O M / WA T C H ? V = 9 5 9 2 F 2 R P R P O This trailer builds dramatic tension throughout by changing the speed of takes as the it goes on. When the trailer begins to explain the film and the horror begins to take place the takes from the film speed up; showing short clips of the film when they meet a dramatic conclusion they are slowed right down to show information towards the trailer shown between 1:38 and 2:00 minutes into the trailer. We could demonstrate this in our trailer by speeding up the takes towards the end of the trailer; when the evil friend haunts the girl and then slow them back down when she steps out of the mirror or when the trailer meets a dramatic end. Futhermore, this trailer uses a constant stream of fades in between shots and takes creating a pause to break up the sequences allowing further dramatic effect; we could adapt and use this device throughout our trailer or just when the horror within the trailer speeds up. 5. SMILEY H T T P : / / W W W. YO U T U B E . C O M / WA T C H ? V = I T 0 W F V 0 X Z K K At the end of this trailer, at 0:55 seconds, you see a point of view shot from the victim towards the villain Smiley this shot goes between a distorted image with a handheld shot, as the camera shakes, and then returns back to the normal image. This has a good effect on the audience; giving them a clear view on the villain whilst using an effect to show their danger and the effect they have. This could be used at the end of our trailer; from the victim friend towards the evil friend but with a handheld effect to show the shake/scared feeling from the victims point of view. 6. SILENT HILL REVELATION 3D H T T P : / / W W W. YO U T U B E . C O M / WA T C H ? V = K M W R Z M D 0 A N 4 Between 0:40 and 0:47 seconds you see the girl standing in a high school corridor, but the shot changes to show the hallway differently; as a scary demonic place. This image quickly changes back to normal the difference of lighting between these two settings shows the subconscious horror/foreshadows it.