100 Ways To Run Your Business Better

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1. 100 WAYS TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS BETTER Stewart Bell Founder & Business Coach 2. Persistent experimentation = success 3. Business Brilliant Traits of self-made millionaires $1m - $10m vs. middle class people in mid income range Striking similarities! 9/10 graduated from college 75% were married All value love and health above all 85% equated money with happiness Average number of business failures in the mid-income range? Self-made millionaires? 4. Who are we? Practice management consulting 300+ firms over 14 years Innovation specialists www.audere.com.au 5. S.H.I.P. and the 100 ways 6. #17 Get your team to do a personal SWOT 7. #23 Revisit your Strategic Partnerships 8. #23 PTNR process PROSPECT Find and approach potential partners Assess suitability Form a relationship Month 1 1-4 meetings TEST Explore specific clients Exchange data Identify training needs Month 2 1-3 meetings NURTURE Positioning Identify upcoming opportunities Run campaigns Month 3 1-2 meetings RELATIONSHIP Monthly activity reporting Bi-monthly business catch-ups Value-add opportunities Ongoing 9. #23 Revisit your Strategic Partnerships cont. Connect as people We share common business values We share an interest in certain types of clients We can add value to each others businesses We can add value to each others client Now youre ready to talk about referring! 10. #30 Work out your personal & business pitch 11. #30 Work out your personal & business pitch BE CLEAR ESTABLISH EXPERTISE ISSUES & SOLUTIONS PURPOSE & REPUTATION What you do NicheSpecialisation What makes you credible? Experience Qualifications Proven outcomes Niche insight Collective strength What problems do you solve for clients? What do you offer that solves them? Your purpose? Emotional payoffWhat are you known for? LONG-FORM VERSION Marketing copy SHORT-FORM VERSION Conversational 12. #33 Work out the better version of themselves your clients are looking for + = PROSPECT YOUR ADVICE This isnt what your business sells AMAZING PERSON WHO CAN DO AMAZING THINGS This is 13. #35 Learn How To Shoot Professional Videos Cheaply The human voice conveys emotion, the basis of all marketing. The brain is hard wired to trust the human face. Movement captures and keeps peoples attention. 14. #38 Run a Seminar Helping Your Clients Solve Something THEY See As a Problem 15. #59 Stop Being Price Sensitive on Your Client Behalf Register for our free fee modeling tool at www.feemodeler.com.au 16. #60 Identify Your Advocates, Superconnectors, Mavens and Salespeople. 17. #62 Stay out of solution mode 18. #68 Cut the Deadwood Out of your Service Offer and Add Sparkle 19. #84 Adopt the System for Designing Systems WHAT the process is. WHY its important to the business. WHO is responsible. HOW its done. 1. Checklist 2. Easily recorded video demo (jing.com) WHEN its supposed to happen. 20. #75 Always Send Out Summary Emails After Meetings 24-28 Hours after we met Dear Client, Thanks for coming in! These are the areas we covered: 1. Youre keen to get control of your budget. 2. Youd like to start planning for your childrens education. 3. Youd like to be able to retire at the age of 60. Our next steps are Your next steps are Our next meeting is Thanks Your Adviser 21. #87 Leverage the freelance economy 22. #99 GROW Coach Your Team 1-hour every month without fail 23. #92 Create your TO DONT List 24. #89 Find Out Where You Really Spend Your Time 25. #52 Pick Someone's DISC communication style in 30 seconds FAST SLOW TASK-FOCUSED PEOPLE-FOCUSED 26. #50 Become a Xero cashflow partner https://www.xero.com/au/partners 27. And finally, #1 28. #1 Take Time Out Every Quarter 29. Free gift Email me at info@audere.com.au with 100 ways as subject and I will make sure you get it when released. 30. Coming soon! Create your businesss fee model www.feemodeler.com.au Analyse your business with the Situational Health & Innovation Potential Analysis www.shipanalysis.com.au Get the latest and greatest business ideas in your inbox every two months www.audere.com.au 31. Thank you Thanks ! 1. Check out our website www.audere.com.au 2. Subscribe to our blog www.stewbell.com 3. Inquire about our programs info@audere.com.au