2008 Montreal Conference Asking Without Fear

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My basic fundraising seminar as given at the Blackbaud conference in Montreal. Here's a description:Asking for money is as scary for people as death and public speaking. But it doesn’t have to be! Learn a simple “R.E.A.L.” method that takes much of the fear out of the process. This workshop is perfect for nonprofit employees and volunteers and will give you proven techniques to improve your fundraising skillsAmong what you’ll learn is:* the 7 most common mistakes people make* a simple 3-step tool to help you articulate your message* and a simple 4-part system to structure your solicitation

Text of 2008 Montreal Conference Asking Without Fear

  • 1. Ask Without Fear! Connecting Donors with What Matters to Them Most Marc A. Pitman, The Fundraising Coach, www. fundraisingcoach.com

2. Who am I?

  • Chosen for Seth GodinsBullMarket Guideas a person will shake things up
  • Creator of the Extreme Fundraising Ezine ( http://fundraisingcoach.com )
  • Author ofAsk Without Fear!andCreating Donor Evangelists

3. Todays Goals

  • The Get R.E.A.L. approach to neutralizing fear and making the ask
  • 3 Common Fundraising Myths
  • A few ways to handle objections

4. Fundraisinga privilege

  • Asking for money is one of the most noble opportunities on earth
  • Like putting a plug into a live socket

5. Let's Get R.E.A.L.!

  • R esearch
  • E ngage
  • A sk
  • L ove/ L ike/ L ive

6. Research

  • About your goals:
  • Case statement
  • Gift table
  • Naming Opps

7. Gift Range Calculator

  • http://blackbaud.com/resources/giftrange/giftcalc.aspx

8. Research

  • About your prospect
  • Tools
    • Google it
    • Blackbaud Analytics, Wealth Point, P!N Network
  • Be realistic
  • Avoid Paralysis By Analysis

9. Engage

  • Fundraising is like dating
  • Get to know them
    • What got them involved in the nonprofit? What impressed them most?
    • What fascinates them
    • Office/pictures/trophies
  • Let them get to know about what makes your organization unique

10. 7 Frequent Fundraising Myths

  • The Mickey Ds Mistake
  • The Cheez-It Treatment
  • The Mrs. McTats Gaff
  • The Spell-Check-Will-Catch-It Faux Pas

11. Multiple Tools

  • Face-to-face
    • ALWAYS the best
    • This is what brings in the money
  • Phone
    • be natural
  • E-mail
    • can work VERY effectively
    • see my e-course

12. Multiple Tools (cont)

  • Mail
    • This made me think of you notes
  • Web
    • Where's the banana?

13. 14. 15. 16. Ask

  • #1 Reason people don't give?
  • Find a connection and put the plug into the outlet!
  • Make It Easy

17. 7 Frequent Fundraising Faux Pas

  • The My Way or the Highway Mistreatment
  • The Youre-Good-Enough-To-Go-It-Alone Syndrome
  • The Field of Dreams Fiasco

18. Make It Easy

  • Phraseology
    • Make Your Own Gift First!
    • "I can appreciate that"
  • Props
    • Renderings
    • Gift Charts
  • Options:Arrows in your quiver
    • monthly giving options
    • Maybe: good, better, best

19. 20. Tangibilitize your ask

  • Heifer.org gives all sorts of gift ranges represented by different animals:
  • a $500 gift is symbolized as a gift of a heifer,
  • $120 a gift of a pig,
  • $60 a trio of rabbits,
  • $20 a gift of chickens.
  • A $5000 gift is a gift of an ark!
  • The prices in this catalog represent the complete livestock gift of a quality animal, technical assistance and training. Each purchase is symbolic and represents a contribution to the entire mission of Heifer International. Donations will be used where needed most to help struggling people.

21. Handling Objections

  • What are common ones?
  • Don't have the money
    • when might you?
    • when may I come back?
  • Giving elsewhere
    • best objection
    • "how could we get in your top 10 giving priorities?
  • Not interested
    • Are theycomatose ? *grin*

22. Love/Like/Live

  • Love/Like the person anywaythey're more important than the gift
    • This business is ALL about relationships
  • Live with their response!
    • You don't always have to like the response but keep on loving the person

23. You Can Do It!

  • Make your gift first!
  • Don't feel guilty that you're afraid
  • Have courage (it's not courage without fear)
  • Keep it simple
  • Have fun!


  • Tool shop including:The Creating Donor EvangelistsProgram
  • Give me your card for a free copy of $100,000 Guide to Email Solicitation e-course
  • Free blog, articles, book reviews, and more!

[email_address] 25. Crafting Your Message

  • Dealing with F.E.A.R.
  • The Rule of 3s

26. PYITS: An Effective Cure

  • P utY ourselfI nT heirS hoes
  • "Credit Denied" mailing
  • Do you like calls to sound scripted or natural?
  • No entitlement

27. Rule of 3s

  • Whos Your Jennifer?
  • Three Attributes
  • Three Channels
  • Three Times/Month for Three Months

28. Different Strokes for Different Folks:

  • D ominant
  • I nspiring
  • S teady
  • C alculating
  • Therefore, speak to the head & the heart

29. Dealing with F.E.A.R.

  • F alseE videnceA ppearingR eal
  • Asking for money orhelping change a kids life ?
  • Rejecting YOU or the cause?
  • This isn't life or death!