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25 More Awesome Public Speaking Quotes

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  1. 1. 25 MoreAwesomePUBLIC SPEAKING QUOTES
  2. 2. Be sincere; !be brief; !be seated. !Franklin D. Roosevelt
  3. 3. Courage is what it takes tostand up and speak; !courage is also what it takesto sit down and listen.!Winston Churchill
  4. 4. Best way to conquerstage fright is toknow what youretalking about.!Michael H Mescon
  5. 5. Find out whatskeeping them upnights and offerhope. Your thememust be an answerto their fears.!Gerald C Myers
  6. 6. Grasp the subject, !the words will follow.!Cato The Elder
  7. 7. Make sure you havenished speakingbefore your audiencehas nished listening.!Dorothy Sarnoff
  8. 8. Its quite simple. Saywhat you have to sayand when you cometo a sentence with agrammatical ending,sit down.!Winston Churchill
  9. 9. Speak clearly, if youspeak at all; carveevery word beforeyou let it fall.!Oliver Wendell Holmes
  10. 10. Its not how strongly you feel about your topic, its howstrongly they feel about your topic after you speak.!Tim Salladay
  11. 11. 99% of the population isafraid of public speaking,and of the remaining 1%,99% of them havenothing original andinteresting to say.!Jarod Kintz
  12. 12. In presentationsor speeches lessreally is more.!Stephen Keague
  13. 13. A wise man speaksbecause he hassomething to say; !a fool because he hasto say something.!Plato
  14. 14. You are responsible toyour audience, not foryour audience.!Bill Gove
  15. 15. Mere words are cheap and plenty enough, butideas that rouse and set multitudes thinkingcome as gold from the mines.!A. Owen
  16. 16. ! ! ! !Be skillful in speech, !! ! ! !that you may be strong.!Merikare
  17. 17. When you wish to instruct,be brief; that mens mindstake in quickly what yousay, learn its lesson, andretain it faithfully. Everyword that is unnecessaryonly pours over the side ofa brimming mind.!Cicero
  18. 18. The nest languageis mostly made upof simple,unimposing words.!George Eliot
  19. 19. Speeches measuredby the hour die withthe hour.!Thomas Jefferson
  20. 20. Say not always what youknow, but always knowwhat you say.!Claudius
  21. 21. If I went back to collegeagain, Id concentrate on twoareas: learning to write andto speak before an audience.Nothing in life is moreimportant than the ability tocommunicate effectively.!Gerald R. Ford
  22. 22. No one evercomplains abouta speech beingtoo short!!Ira Hayes
  23. 23. Dont use words too bigfor the subject. Dont sayinnitely when you meanvery. Otherwise youll haveno word left when youwant to talk aboutsomething really innite.!C.S. Lewis
  24. 24. In making a speech one muststudy three points: rst, themeans of producingpersuasion; second, thelanguage; third the properarrangement of the variousparts of the speech.!Aristotle
  25. 25. Speech belongs half to the speaker, half to thelistener. The latter must prepare to receive itaccording to the motion it takes.!Michel de Montaigne
  26. 26. In public speaking, wemust appeal either to theprejudices of others, or tothe love of truth andjustice. If we think merelyof displaying our ownability, we shall ruin everycause we undertake.!William Hazlitt
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