3 Tips for Selling Your Product to New Markets

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  • 3 Tips for Selling Your Product to New Markets

    by Alex Berman from

  • Alex BermanChief Marketing Sumo

    InspireBeats.com$20 million+ Leads Generated

    $2 million in B2B SalesDigital Nomad

  • I recently tested selling InspireBeats lead generation in a couple different


  • Film, Manufacturing, Commercial Real Estate and M&A

  • All of these are B2B but they all have different components

  • For instance,meaning factories & logistics use a lot of outdated technology

    and dont understand acronyms like SaaS or MVP

  • Real estate agents use brokers to sell products, or buy into lead pools for

    cheap leads

  • M&A firms typically pay full time analysts $100k+ to find companies worth buying

  • Each one of those industries required a different pitch and 5-10 calls each before

    I knew enough about them to sell

  • Expect to look like an idiot when testing, but opening new channels can

    exponentially grow your business

  • Lets get into it..

  • 3 Tips For Selling Your Product to New Markets

  • 1. Dont Lie

  • Customers can see through white lies

  • For instance, if I cold pitched a real estate agent and said our specialty was

    real estate

  • They could tell it wasnt true and response rate would be nothing

  • But if you say youre just testing the market

  • You can get away with a lot of ignorance

  • Heres a good way to phrase a test in your emails:

  • Speaking of ignorance..

  • 2. Customize the pitch per industry

  • You want to think about what their problems might be

  • You can have a generic pitch for your company, but frame the value for each


  • I used this pitch when selling to the film industry:

  • For real estate agents that spend on PPC it made more sense to call that out

  • Take 30 minutes and google around on forums

  • Or take a few minutes and try to get in a targets shoes

  • Even after doing all that work..

  • 3. Ask to buy on calls, expect pushback

  • Businesses are about making money by delivering value to clients

  • Which is why were not just testing email replies

  • On every call - ask customers to sign up now

  • Even if you feel like you botched it

  • For M&A it took 3 calls before we had the first buyer - but I asked each one to


  • Asking customers to buy now gives you real feedback

  • Go out there and test some new markets!

  • Or let us do it for you at InspireBeats.

  • To recap...

  • 3 Tips For Selling Your Productto New Markets:

    1. Dont Lie2. Customize the pitch per industry3. Ask to buy on calls, expect to fail

  • Any Questions?

  • Alex Berman

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