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Social selling - LinkedIn lead Builder


Social selling tips : Listening using linkedin Sales navigator

Welcome to the social selling tips from the authors of book You Are The Key Unlocking doors through social selling. In this deck we will cover the usage of LinkedIn lead builder. In case you want to reach out to a prospect of a specific demography, LinkedIn Lead Builder is the most effective solution. It allows you to select the prospects based on the following parameters:Named accountsKeywords RelationshipLocationIndustrySeniority levelJob functionCompany size



Step 1 (Linkedin Lead builder)

Step 1: Enter the company name


Step 2 (Linkedin Lead builder)

Step 2: Select the Function and Designation. Example below:


Step 3 (Linkedin Lead builder)

Step 3: Based on the filter applied, the dynamic results are updated at the bottom. In this case it is 268 individuals.


Step 4 (Linkedin Lead builder)

Step 4: Once you get the search results, you may choose to save the results which will act as an alert:


Step 5 (Linkedin Lead builder)

Step 5: To set up an alert, click on add:

The following windows open on clicking add:


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