46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM

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  • Benefits of Pipeliner CRMCONTINUITY



  • Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

    Pipeliner was originally designed as a tool for sales empowerment. With its newest release Pipeliner meets the highest requirements for conteporary CRM solutions.

    The oldest and still most urgent CRM issue that companies have to face is low user acceptance, which results in poor data quality. This can lead to strategies that put a business at serious risk. Pipeliner is a revolutionary CRM System that focuses on sales management and is designed to truly support and empower sales representatives in their day-to-day job. That is why they love to work with it and that is why we solved this industry problem.

    Pipeliner offers the capability to implement your own standardized sales process and sales meth-odology. Each user works on their personal visual Pipeline and has a clear understanding of his performance, potential deals and next steps to be taken. Every single Pipeline is connected to a central database that allows users to share Accounts, Contacts, deals, documents, Activities and Reports throughout the organization. Pipeliner offers a powerful permission-based system to share content within teams and offers great scalability.

    If your company is an international or national organization, Pipeliner is the perfect answer to requirements such as company-wide reporting with a single click, regional and international fore-casting, easy to use Dashboards and analytics.

    Equally important are the collaboration features that allow working together as a team on mutual projects or sales.

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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  • Benefits OverviewPIPELINE1. Fully Visualized and Interactive Sales Pipeline 42. Sales Pipeline Velocity 53. Bubble Chart View 64. Target Multiple KPIs 75. Navigator 86. Team Lead Management 97. Drag and Drop Leads to Opportunity Qualification 108. Full-Blown Account Management 119. Auto Profiling 1210. Smart Org Chart 1311. Merge Accounts and Contacts 1412. Geolocation 1513. Calling over Mobile 1614. Social Media CRM 1715. Sales Activities 1816. Automatic Tasks Scheduling for Sales Pipeline Steps 1917. Buyers Actions 2018. Buying Center Visualization 2119. Enhanced Link Activities to Leads, Opportunities, Accounts & Contacts 2220. New Appointment Planner 2321. New Recurring Tasks 2422.Tasks Board 2523.Dashboard Graphs with On-The-Fly Comparison 2624.Management Reports 2725.Forecast Reports 28

    26.Sales Performance Insights 2927. Instant Reporting 3028.Hit-Rate Manager 3129.History Audit 3230.Sales Pipeline Archive 33

    SETTINGS31. Sales Dynamic Target 3432.Profiles 3533.Views 3634.Sales Step Documents 3735.Notes Management 3836. Improved Document Management 3937.CRM Apps Marketplace 40

    CUSTOMIZATION38.Easy Customization 4139. Enhanced Advanced Product Clusters 4240.User Role Management 4341. Multiple Pipelines 4442.Website Services 4543. New Intelligent Fields 46

    INTEGRATION44. Enhanced Mobile Solutions 4745. New Sales-Oriented Integration to Outlook 4846.Offline and Sync Capabilities 49

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Fully Visualized and Interactive Sales Pipeline

    Pipeliner is a sales application designed from the ground up to provide new ways to quickly and intuitively guide you through the process of closing deals more effectively. We made it more interactive, visual, safe and easy to use.

    Arrange sales Opportunities by closing date or value.

    Group sales Opportunities by owner or sales team.

    Filter Opportunities by product, ranking, value or other factors.

    Easily drag & drop Opportunities along the sales process.

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Drag and drop the Opportunity




    Sales Pipeline Velocity

    With Pipeliner, you can now track the number of days an Opportunity has remained in any given sales step.

    Monitor the age of your Opportunities.

    Effectively reduce your Sales Cycle.

    Maintain the quality of your Pipeline.

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Set the warning notifications




    Bubble Chart View

    The bubble chart view gives you a completely new way of managing your sales opportuni-ties. Its not a static but a dynamic view that combines the three main dimensions of a sales opportunity (sales step position, value and clos-ing date).

    Visually see which step your Sales Opportunity is in within your Sales Pipeline.

    Visually see how far away your Opportunity close date is.

    The size of the bubble indicates the size of the Opportunity.

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Drag and drop the opportunity to change closing date



  • Nothing is more important in sales than keep-ing sales reps focused on their target. Pipeliner CRM puts their target right in front of them. Pipeliner CRM enables you to configure the tar-get calculation according to your business.

    Use default target calculation based on the opportunity value.

    Utilize any numeric based field in the target.

    Compare your current target with any previous time period.


    Target Multiple KPIs

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Target the business numbers you need



  • Unlike traditional CRM, Pipeliner has moved well beyond the concept of a standard dashboard to more targeted and innovative ways of deliver-ing instant intelligence to the user. Intelligence that helps the user cut out the noise, easily navi-gate complexity and focus immediately on what is most important.

    Activity Stream Navigator organizes you!

    Target Overview Navigator focuses you!

    Notifications Navigator reminds you!

    Suggestions Navigator advises you!

    Business Overview Navigator steers you!



    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Focus in real-time on whats most important!



  • Gather Leads from any other system into the specific and unique Pipeliner feature Team Lead Management is where all your leads are stored, and ready to be assigned to your sales reps using an easy drag-and-drop system.

    Assign Lead from the team Lead pool.

    Filter Leads by owner or elapsed time in the team Lead pool.

    Release Lead back to the team Lead pool.


    Team Lead Management

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Manage your Leads in Lead pool



  • Qualifying Leads into real Opportunities has never been easier. Just use our drag and drop functionality.

    Drag qualified Leads into the sales Pipeline.

    Send disqualified Leads into the sales Archive.

    Reassign Leads to your team members.


    Drag and Drop Leads to Opportunity Qualification

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Qualify Lead from Lead list



  • Qualify and classify your Accounts according to your preferences. Get all useful information about opened Opportunities, Activities, Notes, Documents etc. related to the Account with just one mouse click.

    Classify your Accounts.

    Create your custom list of Accounts type.

    Manage all Opportunities related to a particular Account.

    Create Org Charts of your Accounts.


    Full-Blown Account Management

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Track your customer relationship



  • When you enter an email address for any Contact or URL address for any Account, Pipeliner auto-matically fills in the Contact or Account Record with publicly available information like: avatar, address, title, social media accounts, and more, saving you time and effort.

    Auto-fill Accounts/Contacts with Avatars.

    Auto-fill Accounts/Contacts with Addresses.

    Auto-fill Accounts/Contacts with Social Media Channels.


    Auto Profiling

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Auto-profile your data!



  • All of your Accounts and Contacts are fully mapped in our new featureThe Smart Org Chart. You decide who and what to pin from the Org Chart to the Buying Center (another valuable view of your buyers hierarchy for any Opportunity). Remember, you can pin one to many with anyand set a Primary Contact a uniquely powerful capability. Imagineyou are now visually orienting your sales process from creation through close.

    Build an Org Chart.

    Build an Accounts Hierarchy.

    Easily print Org Chart views.

    Link important people.

    Link accounts via custom accounts relation types.


    Smart Org Chart

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    The Smart Org Chart Maps Accounts and Contacts Automatically



  • It can often be discovered that 2 Pipeliner accounts or contacts, while they contain dif-ferent data, actually belong in 1. A new feature of Pipeliner Collection allows you to merge 2 contacts or accounts into a single contact or account.

    Merge two contacts into a single contact.

    Merge two accounts into a single account.


    Merge Accounts and Contacts

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Easily merge two contacts or accounts!



  • We know that sales isn't all about sitting at your desk. You need to get out theremeet people, make site visits, conduct presentations and demonstrations.

    When you go to visit a client or prospect, you will of course need to know how to get there. So that you don't have to go outside Pipeliner, we've developed our Geolocation feature for both the mobile and desktop versions of Pipeliner CRM.

    View contacts and accounts on the interactive map.

    See contacts and accounts using Pipeliner CRM for iOS and Android mobile devices.

    Define the map inside the account or contact form.



    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    View contacts and accounts on the map!12


  • With this feature, you will be able to initiate calling from the desktop over Mobile. In order to use this feature, you need to use the native Pipeliner CRM mobile app for iOS and Android. This feature is a massive time saver when work-ing with your data on your desktop.

    Connect your mobile device with Pipeliner desktop.

    Initiate call from desktop, call on your mobile.

    Setup notifications preferences on your mobile.


    Calling over Mobile

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

    www.pipelinersales.com 16

    Initiate calling from the desktop over Mobile.



  • Acknowledging the ongoing importance of social media to the selling process, weve blended social features into sales workflow. In Phase 1, weve connected Pipeliner CRM with Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You can see and interact with your Contacts and Accounts in social environments.

    Twitter: Search, Follow, Retweet, Favorite.

    Facebook: Search, Friend and Like, view posts.

    Google+: Search, view profile, add to Circles, comment, share, and +1.


    Social Media CRM

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Interact with your Contacts over social media



  • Create a list of all Activities that a user needs to accomplish within the corresponding step in sales Pipeline in order to move the Opportunity from one sales step to another.

    Relate simple checkbox, Field or any Activity.

    Auto-check the sales Activity.

    Motivate your users!


    Sales Activities

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Check as done!



  • In addition to the standard sales activities you can build for each sales step in our sales pipe-line, you can auto-schedule them for each sales rep. Based on the stage the opportunity cur-rently occupies, tasks will be auto-scheduled when the sales rep moves the opportunity to the next stage.

    Define custom Sales Step related tasks.

    Auto-schedule tasks for each sales step in the Pipeline.

    Modify tasks when moving an opportunity in the pipeline.


    Automatic Tasks Scheduling for Sales Pipeline Steps

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Auto-schedule tasks when moving the opportunity



  • Assign Opportunity Fields that a user needs to accomplish within the corresponding step in sales Pipeline in order to move the Opportunity from one sales step to another.

    Assign Fields to a particular Sales Step.

    Make sales Actions required per step.

    Better qualify Opportunities in the Pipeline.


    Buyers Actions

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

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    Enter the value when needed!



  • Create a visual Buying Center chart of an Opportunity or Lead and define the relation-ships between all members. When it comes to complex or high volume sales processes, this is the tool to work with!

    Visualize the internal relationships of Contacts related to the Opportunity.

    Find and define decision makers within the organization.

    Track all the sales roles of the people within the Account.


    Buying Center Visualization

    46 Benefits of Pipeliner CRM Continuity

    www.pipelinersales.com 21

    Who are the Gatekeepers?



  • Collaborate on your Opportunities within your sales team by sharing or assigning Tasks, sched-uling meetings or posting an internal message. The Feed function allows you to have a chat-like conversation related to all the information in your database.

    Manage and share Activities.

    Schedule a...