5 Things You Can Do Starting Today to Improve Your Product's User Experience (UX)

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<p>5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve the UX of Your Product</p> <p>5 Things You Can Do Starting Todayto Improve Your ProductsUser Experience</p> <p>Catharine Robertson@cathro</p> <p>WHEN &amp; What is ux, anyway?</p> <p>BeforeDuringAfterTimeline of your products user experience</p> <p>Elements of UX</p> <p>Can I?Will I?</p> <p>Slide 2 of 26</p> <p>1. Commit to user research &amp; testing</p> <p>You are not your users</p> <p>Can we get one thing out of the way? You are not your users. 8</p> <p>There is no UX design without exposure to end users</p> <p>Guiding principle of UX. Describe this usability testing situation. Compare to anthropologyuncover insights about the way people think &amp; what motivates them to act. Caveat you dont have to have a UX team in place, yet, to improve your products UX today. Lets talk numbers.9</p> <p>2 hours every 6 weeksFast Path to a Great UX Increased Exposure Hours Jared SpoolDirect correlation: more hours quantifiable product improvementsEvery team member observes, not just UX teamExecsMarketingBD/SalesDevelopersPMsTeams excluding non-designers suffered fewer improvements</p> <p>Spool: 2 hours with 1 user = same or better than 15 mins each with 8 users10</p> <p>2 hours every 6 weeksTeams who spent less than the minimum had fewer measurable improvementsTeams who spent more than minimum had more improvementmemory of observersongoing frustration of watching same user with same problemsField visits OR usability testsAlso observe/test users of competitor productsQuantify on your end: Tie user observation/usability testing to employee reviews!</p> <p>Lets just build it, and if we get it wrong, well fix itLean UX: an MVP doesnt have to be written in code. It can even be a paper prototype.All you need is something testable.</p> <p>Example of 2/6 successgov.ukGovernment Digital Services (UK) redesigned online &amp; IRL govt services using 2/6 Leisa ReicheltMeasurably better for usersUS Digital Service attempting to follow in footsteps</p> <p>Download a PDF poster of this image</p> <p>2. prioritize data over design trends</p> <p>Dont use design trends that dont work for your application or your business. 14</p> <p>Trend: Infinite scroll</p> <p>PinterestEtsy</p> <p>Etsy did usability testing in dev, and it worked great. But when they launched it, their conversions went down dramatically. They were losing money. They hadnt tested infinite scroll in the wild, with people spending real money. So they reverted back to paginated results, and their conversion rate improved.15</p> <p>Etsy on blindly following a trendMy point is not that infinite scroll is stupid. It may be great on your website. But we should have done a better job of understanding the people using our website. </p> <p>Dan McKinley, Principal Engineer at Etsy</p> <p>16</p> <p>Trend: Inline form field labels</p> <p>Trend: Inline form field labels</p> <p>Trend: Inline form field labels</p> <p>Labels outside fields test better</p> <p>Yes, it costs you more screen real estate, but it still tests better in usability testing.20</p> <p>3. Map the user journey</p> <p>User journeys</p> <p>Design/product mgmt artifactStory of users interaction with product before, during, after useModel intended customer interactionMulti-channelEmpathyTold from users perspectiveEmphasizes intersection between user expectations &amp; business requirementsCompany moves from one-off transactions with customers to long-term relationships built on trust, credibility, respect</p> <p>Any format that works for your team</p> <p>User journeys:Focus on compatibility between company/product &amp; customerGain consensus on how customer should be treated across channelsAllow business stakeholders to understand how users think, feel, see, hear, do thingsExplore what ifs that arise during conceptual design</p> <p>How to create a user journey</p> <p>One action per sticky noteUse language your customers would understandSpread actions over time sequenceRecord user feelings if appropriate (e.g., frustrated)User journeys for as-is or future statesOne user journey per type of customer/group (e.g., investors)</p> <p>4. Do a card sort</p> <p>Slide 1 of 227</p> <p>Wisconsin card sorting test</p> <p>Slide 2 of 228</p> <p>Card sorting for UX</p> <p>Card sorting for UXWhyDiscover user mental modelsCategorization of content, features, tasksUsers language to describe content, features, tasksIdentify trends Quantify user expectationsCreate user-centered navigation &amp; structureFast, cheap, reliableHowIn person using index cards or sticky notesOnline using tools likeOptimalSortUserZoomWebsort</p> <p>Card sort in progress</p> <p>Online card sort in progress</p> <p>Analyzing card sort dataManually via spreadsheetsUsing tools built into card sorting apps (e.g., OptimalSort)Look for patterns in categories &amp; labels</p> <p>Card sort analysis in a spreadsheet</p> <p>Card sort analysis in OptimalSort</p> <p>Navigation categories begin to emerge</p> <p>APUMeasures/SpecificationsParticipationData</p> <p>5. Conduct usability testing</p> <p>Why do usability testing?You are not your users.ROI, ROI, ROI. (Nielsen: Double your conversion rates.)Iterating after user interaction/feedback is a tenet of Lean &amp; Agile. Watching what people do gives more actionable data than asking people what they think.</p> <p>Nielsen: If youve never done any usability testing, you can typically at least double your conversion rate or other key business metrics.</p> <p>38</p> <p>Usability is like cooking dinner. Jakob NielsenEverybody needs it.Anybody can do the basics.Anyone can learn the basics pretty quickly.Theres a level of excellence beyond the basics.Skill levels form a continuum: beginner to expert.</p> <p>Should you hire UX experts? The answer is maybe.39</p> <p>Anyone can do basic usability testingDefine what users need to be able to doPlan the test and write the test tasksTest 5 users for about 1 hour eachAnalyze the findings &amp; recommend improvementsImplement improvements</p> <p>UserModeratorNote takerPrototypeThis is a usability test</p> <p>Usability testing checklistDetermine your goalsSetting? Format? In person or remote? Moderated or unmoderated?Decide on number of usersRecruit representative usersWrite tasks to match your goalsDo a dry run of the testDecide on metrics (time on tasks, success rate, error rate, satisfaction ratings)</p> <p>Write a test planProduct being testedTesting goalsLogisticsParticipant profilesTasksMetrics, scriptsDescription of systemGet ALL your team members to observe testing! </p> <p>42</p> <p>End notesUX people to followJared Spool, usabilityNielsen Norman Group, usabilityLeisa Reichelt, UK govt redesign &amp; service designKerry Bodine, user journeys Luke Wroblewski (Luke W), form designKaren McGrane, responsive, structured contentJosh Clark, responsivePeter Morville, designing search, information architectureKristina Halvorsen, content strategyUX things to readhttps://www.nngroup.com/articles/form-design-placeholders/http://uxmastery.com/how-to-create-a-customer-journey-map/http://boxesandarrows.com/card-sorting-a-definitive-guide/https://www.nngroup.com/articles/usability-101-introduction-to-usability/Any Rosenfeld Media book</p> <p>Go start improving your products UX right now!Catharine Robertson@cathro</p> <p>Image creditsImages without attribution are either in the public domain, otherwise do not require attribution, or are the authors ownAll other images have the following credits:Silfra fissure, Iceland: By Thomei08 20px|ich bin ein Kiwi / Thomei08 at German Wikipedia - Own work (Original text: selbst erstellt), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=21897395B&amp;W user journey: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stevebaty/15709149737Sadface: http://www.pdpics.com/photo/2640-man-angry-face-smiley/Wisconsin card sorting, GNU license: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Wisconsin_Card_Sorting_Test.jpgCard sorting sticky notes: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mario_carvajal/2732244962Card sort analysis spreadsheet: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rosenfeldmedia/3343529465Hakarl: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jmparrone/14479490562Scrum board: https://www.flickr.com/photos/plutor/5260265039/</p>