Realtime UX Design & The Growing UX Developer - UX/DEV SUMMIT

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  1. 1. @ignaciogh @uxdevsummit @ignaciogh @uxdevsummit
  2. 2. collaborative design process
  3. 3. Everyone must be open minded and willing to collaborate
  4. 4. Too far off initial design mark. Initial project kickoffs. Iterations. Running lean. When traditional process cannot solve design problems or challenges.
  5. 5. Everyone is involved in design = Thick skin. Stakeholders may not like this approach. Creative discussions may lead into conflicts. May feel this is a waste of time. May not be successful. Designers can be frustrated and not listen. Egos flare up.
  6. 6. collaborative design process To conduct quick user tests to validate grey areas to solidify the concept and move forward with the design.
  7. 7. Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation.
  8. 8. UX Developer savvy in usability / ux principles, passionate about user experience and codes with the user in mind design technology
  9. 9. @uxdevsummit@uxdevsummit