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http://sellyourbusinessflorida.com/selling-your-business-9-tips/ In this presentation learn what buyers expect from a business they are looking to buy and how to make your business highly sellable.


Selling Your Business: Part 1 9 Tips to Having a Sellable Company

Selling Your Business:9 Tips to Having a Sellable CompanyKimberly Deas, Business Brokerkdeas@sellyourbusinessflorida.com904-571-9580

Tip 1: Reasonable Asking PriceCash flow needs to allow for: Reasonable salary to ownerAbility to pay the debt serviceReturn of a reasonable amount of down payment invested for an absentee owner (not important if buying a job)Plus a little left over as a buffer for future capital expenditures

Tip 2: Offer Sufficient Seller Financing20-50% may be needed to sell the business

Tip 3: Keep Accurate Books & RecordsRecords are reviewed in Due DiligenceReport your cash

Tip 4: Offer Absentee Owner PossibilitiesHave systems in place.Document your systems.Teach others how to do what you do. Tip 5: Show Stable or Growing RevenuesDeclining sales is an asset sale.

Tip 6: Have SDE of $75k or MoreSDE is a calculated number based on the profit of your business.

Buyer needs to be able to live on profits.

Tip 7: Be a Motivated SellerListen to the market

Tip 8: Be in a Desirable Industry Type

Tip 9: Be Well Located and Attractive

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