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  • 1. Follow our journey to make the 2016 US Olympic Team

2. Why do you want to partner with Steph and Ben Bruce? We race all over the USA and World. In 2013 we raced in a combined 30-40 races lining up in front of hundreds of thousands of runners. We have won RocknRoll events in Arizona, San Diego, and New Orleans. San Diego (Ben) and Phoenix (Steph) is where we grew up and both are very big markets for Competitor and RocknRoll. We have won events, (Steph) RocknRoll Arizona Half 2013, and(Ben) RocknRoll San Diego Marathon 2014, in both areas. We have goals to make 2016 Olympic Team for Rio with legitimate chances. Ben was the alternate for 2012 Olympic Games in London (steeplechase), and Stephs 2:29 marathon puts her with only a handful of USA Women whove run sub 2:30. We recently became parents to Riley James and now balance training with raising a baby. Steph will be chronicling her return to training and racing post baby via blogs, social media interactions and connecting with all the running moms. Weve gained knowledge in coaching, training, and psychology of the sport through years of our running experience and our college degrees. 3. OUR STORY We are the Bruces and we invite you to run with us. We are a running family trying to reach our dream of becoming Olympians. Becoming an Olympian is not our end goal. We want to leave the running world better then when we found it. We believe there is far more to being a professional runner then just running fast times. Yes, running fast, winning races, and competing at the highest level is what makes us professional but there are many more qualities that set us aside. It can be a challenge to balance our lives, training, owning a company, expanding a second company, and add in a brand new baby boy Riley our lives are full. This is why we believe we can relate to so many of the masses participating in running events across the world. No matter how busy you are running can become a life habit to help you live healthy and happy. 4. What we do Train hard to reach our goals. Its a 24 hour job. Steph is co-founder of the energy bar company Picky Bars which has created a Picky community upon which their followers rely on. Coach people online through our business Running with the Bruces Public Speaking: At RNR events, fundraisers, running camps and clinics, high schools. Recently became parents which were finding puts the above as a number 2 priority! Inspire our fans to chase their own dreams. Relate to the everyday runner through our blog, speaking engagements, and coaching. 5. Speaking Engagements 6. What can we do for you? Follow along Stephs return to racing post baby via video series and blog. Work in conjunction with Womens Running Series. Monthly blog provided by us on training tips that is featured on Competitor Running as well as personal blog. 2014- Ben races 2-3 more RNR events, including at least one full Marathon. Stephs return to racing at RNR Vegas Half or appropriate Half 2014- Speak at expos, help promote events through Social Media 2015 4-5 races between Ben and Steph 2015 4-5 Race and Expo Appearances including speaking, Q & A, autograph signing, Training runs with participants pre-race Shake out with the Bruces Pace groups at events not racing at, i.e. 1:30,1:40 pace group leader. Offer a discount code to people we coach online, and encourage, (ie: write into their schedule) them to run RocknRoll events 7. Follow Stephs return to running 8. Social Media Reach We understand the value of social media, and are able to connect with many runners through our various feeds, personal Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as our training groups account NAZ Elite. Please take a look at our various feeds Twitter: @bbjamin, @steph_rothstein, @NAZ_Elite Instagram: @bbjamin15, @steph_rothstein, @NAZ_elite 9. Coaching business since 2011 -Coach athletes from 5k-marathon -First time marathoners to Olympic Trials qualifiers -Influential in their race schedules to include RNR events 10. The Stats: Ben Best Times Track: 3000msc: 8:19 (17th All Time USA), 5000m: 13:30 Road: Mile: 4:00.4, 5k: 13:57, 10k: 28:55, half marathon: 1:02:53, Race Highlights 2 x RocknRoll Marathon Champion- New Orleans and San Diego 3 x World Team Member -Track (3000msc) 2011 -Cross Country 2010 -Half Marathon 2010 8 x top 5 finish at USA Championships Xterra Trail World Champion 2012 11. 2 x Rock N Roll Marathon Champ Going for more wins in 2014! 12. The Stats: Steph Best Times Track: 5000m: 15:49, 10,000m: 32:24 Road: Half Mar: 1:10:53, Marathon: 2:29:35 5k: 15:59, 10k: 32:55, 15k: 50:09, 20k: 67:59 Race Highlights RocknRoll Arizona Half Marathon Champion 2013 3rd Houston Marathon 2011 2:29:35 8th US Olympic Trials 2012 10,000m 32:24 Big Sur Half Marathon Champion 2012 3rd Honolulu Marathon 2012 3rd US 15k Championships 2013 Top American NY Half 2013 1:10:53 15th Boston Marathon 3rd American 2013 4th US Half Marathon Champs 2013 1:11:37 2nd US 10k Road Champs 2013 32:55 13. Dream Big! 14. MISSION We have made this proposal for Competitor Group to express our interest in working with your company as a professional running couple with our sights set on making the 2016 Olympic Team. We believe we understand our sport from every level that exists. From the elite racing world to the masses we know how to connect. Theres so much knowledge that we have from our own careers and wish to share it with the masses. In order for fans to care about you, you first need to care about them. No matter what level youre at we all share a common bond of wanting to get the most out of ourselves from running. Running has a different purpose for so many people and its our intention to help others find theirs. Competitor Group along with RocknRoll events provides a stage for the running world to chase your goals, change your life and enjoy the process. We feel partnering with you will be mutually beneficial as it brings exposure to both parties and highlights each of our goals in the sport. 15. Proposal Yearly contract beginning Fall 2014 through 2016 Olympics Follow along Stephs return to racing post baby via video series (photo/video shoots out in Flagstaff, San Diego)- Work in conjunction with Womens Running Series Monthly blog provided by us on training tips that is featured on Competitor as well as personal blog. Races and appearances throughout the length of the contract. 2-3 race/appearances in 2014, 4-5 race/appearances 2015, etc. in 2016 Annual Stipend of $10,000 + travel to races, appearances Thanks for taking the time to read through our proposal.