Content based templates for Series 40 web apps

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This webinar will show you how to use pre-built templates that will help you make the most of your own web apps. Well cover the Mobile Web Library APIs for executing JavaScript routines locally on Series 40 phones. Well show you how to access the current location of a user, even when the users phone doesnt include a GPS receiver. Well also show you how to use the JSON, file-upload, and file-download features of Series 40 web apps.


  • 1. CONTENT BASED TEMPLATES FORNOKIA SERIES 40 WEB APPSMichael SamarinDirector,Developer Training and EvangelismFuturice

2. SERIES 40 WEB APPS Based on: W3C Widget specification Authored using: Nokia Web Tools (current version 2.0) Using: Nokia Browser for Series 40 engine Core cases: always connected data-driven apps 3. FEATURES AND CONSTRAINTS Nokia Browser main features: JavaScript runs on Nokia Browser Proxy server side Application content compressed before sending to the client CSS minimized, images compressed, partial HTML updates whenever possible Current Nokia Browser main constraints: HTML 4.01 with CSS 2.0 mobile profile (selected parts of CSS 3 also available) Certain DOM events not supported (onkey*, onmouse*, ontouch*) Limitations on animations (a limited set of transition timing functions available,animations are blocking) No device API access, except: geo-location, uploading / downloading files, initiatingsending SMS, phone call. No home screen widgets 4. JAVASCRIPT AND MWL Regular JavaScript statements are executed by the Nokia BrowserProxy server JavaScript function calls in your code cause a round-trip to NokiaBrowser Proxy Special library called Mobile Web Library (MWL) provides client-local JSfunctions Functions executed fully on the client side (Nokia Browser Client) Used via a namespace called mwl 5. MOBILE WEB LIBRARY MWL is limited, however covers the most common usecases that can be run on the client side: Running simple CSS transitions/animations Handling gestures (swipe, long press) Inserting new nodes to DOM Implemented natively by the Nokia Browser Client 6. LEARNING TOOLS Web App Templates and Samples shipped as part ofNokia Web Tools 2.0 Examples at Nokia Developer website Today we will walk through templates to lean moreabout: UI capabilities in Web Apps, MWL, Geolocation,Uploading and Downloading files. UI Example Project: 7. HANDS-ON DEMO 8. THANK YOU!Want to learn more? Michael Samarin, Director of Developer Training and Evangelism, Futurice