Driving Performance Through Effective Territroy Management

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This is the Phase II TSR training territory analysis I synthesized. It goes into a SWOT analysis and gives a strategic plan on performance.


  • 1. Driving Performance Through Effective Territory Management: How I will win VPC in 2008Bill Steffes

2. I.Territory Overview

  • Map
  • Key Cardiology Groups
  • Top Hospitals (teaching and community based)
  • Managed Care Players - % of Business (opportunities)
  • Managed Care Players Access (opportunities)

3. Territory Overview: Map 4. Territory Overview: Top Groups

  • Heartland in Joliet 1494
  • Heartcare in Mokena 909
  • Dr. Haryani in Kankakee 475
  • Well Group in Olympia Fields 448
  • Mid-American Cardiovascular Consultants in Olympia Fields 298
  • * Based on R2 report of NRX for 12 weeks ending August 2007

5. Territory Overview:12 month report of Heartland in Joliet (19 doctors) 6. Territory Overview: Weekly NRX report of Heartland in Joliet (19 + doctors) 7. Territory Overview: 12 month report of Heart Care in Mokena (12 + doctors) 8. Territory Overview: Weekly report of Heart Care in Mokena (12 + doctors) 9. Territory Overview: Dr. Haryani 10. Territory Overview: Top Hospitals $213,231.15$29,475.5661801 IL URBANA 611 W PARK ST* IHOS CARLE FOUNDATION HOSPITAL $1,228,478.48$114,070.2961938 IL MATTOON 1000 HEALTH CENTER DR IHOS SARAH BUSH LINCOLN HLTHCR $1,337,686.63$161,218.7761801 IL URBANA 1400 W PARK AVE IHOS PROVENA COVENANT MED CTR $2,629,516.35$409,332.7760435 IL JOLIET 333 N MADISON ST IHOS PROVENA ST JOSEPH MED CTR $3,695,349.50$686,354.5460461 IL OLYMPIA FIELDS 20201 CRAWFORD AVE IHOS ST JAMES HOSP & HLTH CTR Total Potential Total Pfizer Sales Zip State City Address Institution Type Hospital Hospitals 11. Territory Overview: M2 report showing % of TRX of Lipid lowering business (district) What is the percentage? United 1.4% Medicaid 3.8% Health Alliance 3.8% Cash 5.8% Caremark 6.6% BC/BS 11% Medicare 26.1% 12. Territory Overview: Managed Care PlayersWhats the Access? Covered Covered Medicaid On $3-$5 for dual eligibleOn $3-$5 for dual eligible Medicare 3rd 3rd Health Alliance 2nd 2nd Caremark 2nd 3rd United 3rd 3rd BC/BS of IL Lipitor Caduet 13. II.Regional GAR Rank 14. III.Lipitor

  • Performance Sales Vs Quota (Report Viewer)
  • Where weve been and are (Sherlock)
  • SWOT Analysis to get VPC (SAS Tools and R2)
  • Hospital Sales (Institution Analyzer)

15. Lipitor Performance 24 in Region 16. Lipitor 12 month trend from Sherlock vs. competition 17. Lipitor trend for last five weeks from Sherlock vs. competition 18. Lipitor Top Zips NRX as of 11/16 from Sherlock 19. Lipitor Strengths

  • Core message with Only Lipitor
  • New CHF data for cardiologists
  • Local speakers developed (2 per LAT)
  • Good access on managed care
  • Good access to key MVP doctors
  • Attending support in teaching hospital
  • Good access within teaching institutions
  • Cardiology fellowship program

20. Lipitor Weaknesses

  • Pressure from Managed Care to make simvastatin switches
  • Some doctors do not see Lipitor as better in the class

21. Lipitor Opportunities for implementation

  • Use local speakers for roundtable programs to drive 80mg usage in top zips 60461, 60435, 61801, 60901 (Dr. Drinan, Dr. Haryani, Dr. Mokraoui, Dr. Kamin)
  • Have deeper dialogs with new data to uncover hidden objections (why not 80mg?)
  • Cardiology Group Practice Program for Heart Care and Midwest Cardiology Institute
  • Leverage relationship with RMRS Ellen McMahan to set up meetings with MVP doctors.
  • Cardiology Grand Rounds at St. James Hospital with Dr. Bernstein to drive the 80 mg message (SPARCL investigator)
  • Speaker tour with Dr. Alberts from Northwestern
  • Dominate the Medicare business by incorporating into sales calls
  • Drive hospital business with residents, fellows, and attendings at St. James and where Lipitor is available in house
  • Increase call frequency on MVP doctors
  • Pull through sales with Caremark by incorporating into presentations
  • Use Co-Pay cards to off set the 3 rdteir status of Lipitor in Key BC/BS offices

22. Lipitor Threats

  • Managed care moving Lipitor to third tier
  • Competition spinning data to make it sound better than it really is
  • MVP doctors speaking for other companies

23. St. James Hospital Lipitor Institution Analyzer Sales Data

  • Previous 12 Months
  • Current 12 Months

24. St. James Olympia Fields Sept. SCDR (#2 Zip #1 Hospital) $81,765 22.4% $43,050 35.4% $13,310 24.4% RPD $39,377 13.4% $18,043 20.6% $6,193 .2% Direct $313,771 .9% $153,195 0% $47,253 .6% Hospital Outflow YTD 3 Month Month 25. IVCaduet

  • Performance Sales Vs Quota (Report Viewer)
  • Where weve been and are (Sherlock)
  • SWOT Analysis to get VPC (SAS Tools and R2)
  • Hospital Sales (Institution Analyzer)

26. Caduet Performance 3 rdin Region 27. Caduet TRX 12 month trend from Sherlock with amlodipine 28. Caduet NRX trend for last five weeks from Sherlock vs. amlodipine 29. Caduet Top ZipsNRX as of 11/16 from Sherlock 30. Caduet Strengths

  • High writers respond to starters
  • High writers have responded to greater call frequency
  • ASCOT data support adding the statin to go beyond blood pressure to reduce events
  • CARPE-P proves adherence advantage
  • Fewer pills and one less co-pay

31. Caduet Weaknesses

  • Some doctors do not like combo therapy to cover two disease states
  • No outcomes data for Caduet
  • Name recognition and retention
  • Perception of poor managed care coverage

32. Caduet Opportunities for implementation

  • Cash in on hospital outflow (patients on amlodipine and mild dyslipidemic)
  • DMT programs
  • Lots of amlodipine business
  • Speaker development
  • Increase call frequency on Caduet MVPs
  • Leave more Caduet starters with MVPs

33. Caduet Threats

  • More competition for the amlodipine business
  • Some influential doctors do not support the concept

34. St. James Hospital Caduet Institution Analyzer Sales Data

  • Previous 12 months
  • Current 12 months

35. Caduet Hospital Sales St. James Olympia Fields #1 Zip $38,432 76.6% $19,755 66% $6,591 81.7% Hospital Outflow $2,170 64.1% $972 21.2% $356 292.3% Direct $13,452 133.5% $7,019 195.9% $2,053 148.5% RPD Year to Date 3 Month Rolling Month 36. V10025065 Goals

  • Upward movement on GAR to win VPC
  • Maintain and grow Caduet trend to finish in the top 5 in region
  • Reverse Lipitor trend by implementing opportunities and finish top three in region

37. VIBest TSR Practices to accomplish Goals

  • Utilization of RMRS to bring value to MVPs
  • Targeted speaker programs
  • Coaching and feedback to developed speakers
  • Relationship building to uncover objections
  • Master clinical and technical knowledge
  • Incorporate Medicare message and close
  • Sell vs the competition