Extreme CRM Makeover by Graham Hill

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Prepared for the CRMA Netherlands by Dr Graham Hill, www.designthinkers.nlEde, 9 September


  • 1. Extreme CRM Makeover Prepared for the CRMA Netherlandsby Dr Graham Hill,design thinkers.nl Ede, 9 September

2. Is CRM stillWorking? 3. CRM is dead! Long live CRM 4. CRM Works! 50,000 experiments 5. CRM Really Works 350m given back 6. But... CRM has Problems 7. And they are Getting Worse! 8. 9. Seven days to an Extreme CRM Makeover 10. BeCreative ! 11. Day1 What do CustomersReally Value? 12. Quote Customers perceived preference for and evaluation of those product attributes, attribute performance, and consequences arising from use that facilitateachieving the customers goals and purposes in use situations Unquote Robert Woodruff 13. Mission Possible Day 1 Go talk to customers,ex-customers andnon-customers 14. VOC isNot Enough 15. Genchi Genbutsu Go See for Yourself 16. Quote People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole! Unquote Ted Levitt 17. JOB Make a 6mm hole in a plaster wall e.g. to hang-up a towel We Hire Tools to do Jobs 18. Tools Change, Jobs Dont 1935 33 RPM LP Record 1970 Tape 1990 CD-ROM 2008 iPod Gold Edition 1880 78 RPM Record Job: Listen to recorded music at home 19. Whats the Customers Job? 10m 20. The cutting edge of Innovation 21. A brave new world of Applications 22. Day 2 How do Customers Consume Value? 23. One Touchpoint at a time 24. Mission Possible Day 2 Map out the customers journey from start tofinish 25. Customer Journey 26. Contextual Mapping 27. Customer Personas 28. Fly the Friendly Skys 29. Improving the Experience 30. Improving the Experience 31. Day 3 How is ValueCo-Createdwith Others? 32. Value is always Co-Created 33. Co-creation is a Balancing Act 34. Mission Possible Day 3 Map out the value co-creation drivers 35. What do you Bring to the Party? 36. Mass Customisation 37. Crowdsource Innovation 20m 38. Power By the Hour 39. Day 4 What Capabilitiesdo You Need toCo-Create Value 40. Pull all the Right Levers 41. Mission Possible Day 4 Audit yourco-creation capabilities 42. Capabilities Everywhere Rich customer & product data collection Common customer & product database Customer & product insight generation Customer & product insight sharing Customer contact rules Common company values Partner integration Common performance measures Contact optimisation Integrated marketing activities Lead sharing & management Information sharing Shared service standards Performance rewards & incentives Segmentation of customers Householding of customers Use of analytics and modelling Value-based customer management Strategic campaign management Integrated lead management Channel integration Offer configuration & pricing Right channelling Customer-focussed service Information fulfilment Providing a consistent experience Leading Optimising Practicing Developing Aware No Capability Managing Customers by their Value Aligning Marketing Strategy with Value & Needs Managing the Customer Experience Collaborating Across the Company Managing Customer Information as a Strategic Asset Managing Relationships with Retailers Current Level 3Yr Target Level Priority improvement opportunities 100 Day Target 1 Yr Target Level 43. Improving the Airport Experience 44. Making CRM Lean 45. Managing for Value 46. Day 5 The Art of Collaboration 47. Work is a Team Game 48. Mission Possible Day 5 Survey staff internal social networks 49. How work is Really Done 50. Networked Innovation 51. Creating Socialtext 52. Diving internal Social Networks 53. Day 6 Engage with Customer Communities 54. Customers are Talking 55. 30m 56. Mission Possible Day 6 Listen to what customers are saying about you And engage 57. Customer Communities 58. Call the Buschtaxi(.de) 59. Lurking for Starwood 60. Enable Customer Networks 61. Does Comcast Really Care? 62. Day 7 Customer Development One Step at a Time 63. Learning by Doing Learning by Doing 64. Mission Possible Day 7 Create an A3 for your Customer Development 65. Fifty A4 pages into One A3 Page 66. Managing Repurchase 67. 1M Campaign on one A3 page 68. Portfolio of Options Get Started Degree of Development Phase 1 Time Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Analytics Datamart Customer Analytics Core Processes Campaign Design Consolidate Benefits Daily Business Standardised IT Process Kaizen Standard Campaign Daily Business Business Kaizen Expand & Extend Pilot Retailers Business Case Deliver Early Benefits Mktg Datamart Automated Data Predictive Models Activity Kaizen Piloting Campaign Value created in this phase must pay for itself AND the next phase All Retailers Business Case 69. Building a Disruptive CMS 70. ItsNOT Rocket Science! 71. ItsNOTthe Sizzle Its the Steak 72. ItsNOT Monopoly Money 73. AreYOUReady For an ExtremeCRM Makeover? 74. Thank You Dr. Graham Hill [email_address] + 49 170 487 6192 www.linkedin.com/in/grahamhill www.customerthink.com/gurublog/graham_hill www.twitter.com/grahamhill