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<p>Diapositive 1</p> <p>Download the App from the Apple App Store ( if you have an Iphone , Ipad , Ipod Touch)Or the google Play store ( if you have an Android Phone) , Instagram is a FREE APP. </p> <p>Open the app and press Register.</p> <p>Create a username and password Part 1.</p> <p>Create a username and password Part 2.</p> <p>Create a username and password Part 3.</p> <p>Set your profile picture.You have four different options for choosing a profile picture : importing a picture from Facebook, importing from Twitter , taking a photo using instagram , and choosing from your library.</p> <p>View your photos in a grid layout.View your photos in a list layout.</p> <p>View your photo Map.</p> <p>View photos of you ( Where you are Tagged ) </p> <p>In order to follow people in your niche , click the search tab</p> <p>Type a keyword and select the hashtag Tab.</p> <p>92 M pictures using your hashtag , open the maximum photos per day and follow them.</p> <p>You can like this photo by clicking the White heart.Then, click the username to follow this account.</p> <p>Click Follow Button to Follow this account.</p> <p>You see , i have followed 2 account they followed me back </p> <p>So lets publish our first photo Click here</p> <p>Choose you photo , in this example im going to share my Brand New Patek Philip Watch Click the next Arrow</p> <p>You can use Filters if you want </p> <p>After you have edited your photo , a screen will popup.</p> <p>1.Add caption : if you want to mention another instagram user , press @ and start typing.Instagram will suggest people whom you follow and people who follow you.</p> <p>2.Use hashtags to get More Exposure , the more revelant hashtag you use the best to gain more followers.</p> <p>3.You can share your photos to other social networks.</p> <p>VOILA </p>