Give or home and office a new makeover

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<p>Give or Home and Office a New MakeoverWhile redecorating and refurbishing our home or office, we often ignore the floors. Though, this part of our home deserves as much attention as any other. It goes though a regular wear and tear and it needs to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis.Peak Flooring is a UK based company that provides different services related to Floor sanding Hertfordshire. They have worked on a variety of projects and have gathered a lot of experience in the field. They are able to customize solutions as per their clients requirements and give them a thoroughly optimized solution.This company provides solutions like Squash court maintenance, granwood flooring, sports floor installation, court markings, refurbishment and so on. After they are done with their work, your home or office will look as beautiful as the photos in home dcor magazines.Their floor sanding process is very popular and has been taken up by many of their clients. They have a special machine that extracts nearly 99.8% dust during the process. This prevents the airborne dust from polluting the room and making it messy.They start the process by prepping it and removing the top layer along with the varnish and wax. The existing nails and screws are also removed. Then the sanders are used to make the top layer smooth. They use the back and forth motion or the 45 degree motion to do it. They protect themselves thoroughly with masks and protectors to ward off the dust from entering their eyes and ears. Though they use the dust extracting machines, yet they make sure that the remaining dust is cleared from the surface with damp mops.There are many awkward places in the room that are difficult to reach. Peak Flooring has special corner and edge sanding machines that reach the most difficult corners. A buffer is used to smoothen out the surface. The last step is vacuuming and sealing. Then the process is completed by coating the surface with good quality wax, lacquer or oil. At least 3 coats of varnish are applied to give the surface the perfect protection and sheen.This process is far more economical and easy than replacing the whole floor. So, get in touch with Peak Flooring today and find out more details about the process. There team is also very professional and friendly and they will make sure that the process moves forward without any hindrance.Visit:</p>