HR Business Partner Development Programme

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Atos Consulting has established a dynamic Learning and Development programme, focused on equipping HR professionals with business partnering skills, knowledge and tools. The result is a strong succession of high calibre HR Business Partners equipped to handle major areas of responsibility.

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  • 1. HR Business Partner Development Programme

2. What could we do today that wouldchange the future for your company? . 3. Your programmeDelivery style4 The sums Credentialsthings 4. Discovery1Core Programme & PlanningBusiness ChallengesMaster-Classes and Dragonsyourprogramme 5. Determining current state, Ranging exercise for HR & business challengesDiscovery 6. CORE MODULES 7. Change ManagementDriving strategic change and value addedHR initiatives What do we do well already? Are we ready for change? Designing the future for HR and your businessand getting thereCore Module 8. Consulting SkillsCross organisational working, joined up solutionsCore Module 9. Strategic Planning & ODFuture-focused Insightful HR outlookCustomersService PeopleSupport PeopleManagers make a meaningful differenceCore Modulerather than better sameness 10. Selling, Coaching & NegotiationDriving strategic and value added HRinitiativesCore Module 11. Selling, Coaching & NegotiationDriving strategic and value added HR initiativesCore Module 12. makingit real 13. Sharpening the toolkitMASTER CLASSES&Critical Recommendations and prototype solutions 14. HR Competence, Trust & Resilience BusinessDiscoveryChallengesPhasePhase4 Weeks2-5 Days 3-6 Months 15. Strategic2 Connected Agile Efficientdeliverystyle 16. Flexible Delivery From: CIPD - The HR Profession Map Savvy 17. By the jedi knights over at Delta 7 18. Curiosityand Insight 19. Future Histories 20. 2015The Future Room 21. Delegate Rate Set-Up Delivery3the sums 22. Contact Scott to discuss the art ofthe possible 23. Sculpture Our Past4 Our Present Our Futurecredentials 24. The team came back to their desks raving about thecourse so justwanted to say thanks its notoften theycome backfrom a course Averagefeeling soFeedback enthusiastic!ScoreStore Manager (High>90%Street Retailer) 25. .and finally 26. Working with Scott was engaging,insightful and made us challengesome hard-coded thinking. Theend result has transformed how wecommunicate our strategy acrossthe business. Jon Roughly,Strategy Director, The PhoenixGroup"Scotts delivery style, impact andfacilitation skills are inspirational"Vice President, LOCOG 27. Scott McArthur Director , Sculpture Consulting Ltd - ProfileScott founded and leads Sculpture Consulting Ltd, a partnership organisation, focusingon Business Advisory, People Development, and OrganisationalScott is an organisationalInnovation; specialising on helping clients engage their workforce in their job roles anddevelopment consultant, in the organisations vision.leadership trainer, facilitatorScotts delivery style is humorous, energetic and challenging. He has delivered hundredsand coach with 10 years of learning, leadership development and keynote events across the UK, Europe, Asia andAmerica and was part of the team, which recently won the Management Consultingsenior experience in industryAssociations award for Learning and Development excellence.(British Gas, Scottish andIn the media, Scott frequently contributes to leading magazines and newspapers and hasNewcastle and Fisher Group)been published in The Times, Financial Times, Personnel Today, Success Magazine,followed by 9 years as aFinancier Worldwide and People Management. Scott is a resident contributor forPersonnel Today and author of a well known HR/Psychology blog which attractsbusiness consultantworldwide readership to McArthurs Rant. Scott is also a sought after speaker and(Atos/KPMG & Sculpture).events-coach who has shared the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Needham, SteveCram and Lord Coe.Scott specialises in HR,Change Management,Specialist interests include employee engagement, relationship management, HROrganisational Psychology,Business Partnering, events coaching, setting the strategic agenda, the use of the artsin business, peak performance, life & executive coaching and the application of newSales Team Development, technologies to change and personal development.Learning and Development &Scott is currently writing a book called The HR Paradox an agenda for change withBusiness Innovation.Professor Cary Cooper to be published by Bloomsbury in 2014.More of Sculptures work can be found here on the Engage for Success website: 28. Sculpture, inspiringindividuals and teams to think differently about change