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  • 1. Information on Mobile Phone Rental Service Global GSM Roaming Service Global roaming service allows you to use the same cellular telephone number that you currently use in your respective country, and charges for usage and billing procedures are determined by your local cellular service provider. Due to the fact that Korea provides CDMA-based mobile service only, a GSM compatible cellular telephone CANNOT be used inside Korea including in the ICC JEJU area, so users must a rent a CDMA cellular telephone as follows: Phone Rental Cellular telephones may be rented, free of charge, from the Telecom Center and users willbe charged for calls only. Although cellular telephones can be rented at Incheon, JEJU, and Gimhae airports, an additional cellular set rental fee will be imposed.Requirement The SIM card inside your current cellular telephone must be brought with you upon arrival atICC JEJU.RoamingThe telephone number you currently use in your respective country may not be available for use as your cellular telephone number in Korea. Please refer to the following table to make sure you can continue to use your current telephone number inside Korea before your departure.No. CountryMobile Service Carrier RoamingRemarks 1 Afghanistan X H3G Australia X3G 2 AustraliaOptusO 3 AustriaMax.mobil. O 4 AzerbaijanX 5 Bangladesh GrameenPhone O Belgacom Mobile O 6 Belgium KPN OrangeO 7 BhutanX CamGSMO 8 Cambodia CAMBODIA SHINAWATRA O Microcell O 9 Canada RogersO China, People's Republic China Mobile O10 ofChina UnicomX11 Cook IslandsX

2. Orange A/SO 12 Denmark TDC Mobil A/SOFiji Islands, The Republic 13 XofRadiolinja origoX 14 FinlandSoneraOBouygues TelecomO 15 FranceOrange FO SFROE-PlusO MobilCom X 16 GermanyT-MobileO Vodafone D2O CSLO HutchisonO 17 Hong Kong, China NWPCSO PEOPLESO SmarTone O Bharti Cellular Limited-Airtel O Bharti Mobitel X BHARTI CELLULAR LIMITED-OAirTelBHARTI MOBILE LIMITED-XAirTel BHARTI MOBINET LIMITED-XAirTelBHARTI TELENET LIMITED-XAirTelBpl mobile(Maharashtra & Goa) O BPL Mobile Cellular Limited-O BCL 18 IndiaBPL Mobile CommunicationsO Ltd-BMCL Hutchison Max Telecom Ltd.-O HMTPLIDEAOIDEA-DelhiO IDEA-M.P XMTNL-Mumbai OMTNL-New DelhiO OASIS CELLULAR XSpice Communication Ltd.OSterling Cellular O USHA MARTIN TELEKOMO LIMITED-UMTLExcelcomOINDOSAT-M3O 19 IndonesiaSatelindo O TelkomselO OPIO 20 Italy TIMO 21 Japan J-PHONE O 22 Kazakhstan KaR-TelO 23 KiribatiX 25 Kyrgyz Republic XLao People's Democratic 26 XRepublic 3. 27 Luxembourg XDiGi Telecom O 28 Malaysia Maxis O TMTOUCH X 29 MaldivesDhiraagu O 30 Marshall Islands XMicronesia, Federated 31XStates of 32 MongoliaMobicomO 33 Myanmar, The Union ofX 34 Nauru, Republic of X 35 NepalX Dutchtone O 36 NetherlandsVodafone-LibertelO 37 New Zealand Vodafone New Zealand O 38 Norway X 39 PalauX 40 Pakistan X 41 Papua New Guinea X Digitel O 42 PhilippinesSMARTOOptimusO 43 Portugal, Republic of TMNO Vodafone TelecelO 44 SamoaXSingTel Mobile O 45 Singapore StarHub O 46 Solomon IslandsX Amena O 47 Spain TME O 48 Sri LankaMTN O 49 Sweden Telia MobileOOrange CHO 50 SwitzerlandSwisscom OChunghwa Telecom LDM O 51 Taiwan, China () TCC O 3G 52 Tajikistan X AIS O 53 ThailandCP OrangeOThe Democratic Republic 54Xof Timor-Leste 55 TongaX ARIAO 56 TurkeyTELSIM O TURKCELLO 57 Turkmenistan X 58 Tuvalu X BT CellnetO 59 United KingdomOrange OVODAFONE O AT&TO 60 United States Cingular OVoiceStreamO 61 Uzbekistan UnitelO 62 VanuatuX 63 Vietnam GPCO 4. VMS ORoaming Service PeriodYou may rent a cellular telephone during the following period and terminate the serviceanytime you wish: May 10, 2004 May 19, 2004(10 days)BillingA renter will be billed for usage charges upon return to his/her respective country by their local cellular service provider and NO bills will be issued by the Telecom Center. Rental Service For those who cannot or do not wish to use Global GSM Roaming Service, but wish to have a cellular telephone during their visit to the Convention Center, cellular phone rental service is provided from the Telecom Center in ICC JEJU. With this service, a Korean local cellular telephone number will be assigned to each rented telephone, with which any of both domestic and international inbound & outbound calls can be made. Unlike the Global GSM Roaming Service, an additional charge for cellular telephone set rent will be added as below(all rates are 10% VAT excluded):Cellular set rent fee: 1,500 won per day(must be prepaid only by a valid credit card)Usage charge : Automatically charged according to the following rates plan and at the end ofMay 2004, with the same credit card information used when renting a cellular telephone set, a renter will be billed by the Telecom Center with a fax slip or e-mail showing details of calls a user made on a rented cellular telephone being sent to him/her for their reference.[Rates Plan]Calls Destinations Rate Domestic callsAnywhere inside Korea480 won/minute The US, Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, Saipan700 won/minute China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, 1,000 won/minute Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, International calls Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, Guam, The United Kingdom Other countries 1,500 won/minute Public Pay Phones 5. Public pay phones will be installed at ICC JEJU and a user may place both domestic and international calls using World Phone Plus cards which are prepaid calling cards by KT and can be bought at Telecom Center.