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Irrational Products

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  • Irrational ProductsHow to avoid bad product calls

  • About me

    1. Hacker - Entrepreneur 2. DevRel at Microsoft, Google3. Today Lead Developer Relations at Slack

    Twitter: @ashevat

  • What shall we talk about

    How do we experience products? Two common mistakes we make (not you!

    other bad Product Managers) The solutions!

  • How do we experience products?


  • Common F&@k-ups

  • Experiment!

  •[email protected]/14090438714/

  • Test!

  • Which Flow is more effective?

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  • Solutions

  • Talk You App


  • Observe Behavior


  • Be Data Focused

  • Ten Years Ago

  • Today

  • Visitors Flow

  • Conclusion

    An app is a conversation with a user!

    Talk your app Observe Behaviour Be Data Focused

  • If you Want to Know More

  • Thank [email protected]